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Above as you scroll to the left are some of my earlier in career dishes. I started in 2003, a high school drop out. Was ready to venture out into the world, so mom signed the transcripts, I later on received my GED, which actually I scored high enough to get my high school diploma in the state of Pennsylvania. Than ventured on into the world of Culinary arts, hospitality and Tourism. I've been taught by CIA instructors, had in internship in Italy for 6 weeks, earned my Associates in Business science and Advance culinary arts. Every since I've gain credibility, certificates, and certifications. Will hard and labor fill work this career gives, I fought thru this male dominated industry, and earned my title as Sous chef. As if today I've been executive chef for two jobs, both interim, why? cause God blessed me with a bun in the oven at that time, and commitment wasn't promised, that's how you don't burn bridges and opportunity.
More pictures are above, please feel free to look, as I have many, but posted a few. One other thing I've learned was to keep track and start a profolio, and I'm telling my age, because I've been told now its a lost art, especially when it comes to interviewing! So I'm sure the others wondered why they didn't get the job. huh. Yes, yesssss,yesssss, that came off a little confident, well I own and take pride in what I do. As any chef, especially a female chef, should be and portray!
Here are my some of my pastry work, and please know, I mastered savory cooking, not pastry or bakery science, but from what you see, I didn't do such a bad job. I almost certain I'll probably go back to school for pastry, see what New York A.I has to offer, yes there is CIA, JOHNSON &WELLS, LE CO DON BLU, BUT A.I is now offering culinary course work, and as a chef, and a modest one, you have to always know "There is MORE to Learn, you don't know it all"!!! So, that was just a little more insight about me, the real me, you will vagly see me post feeds or articles on food, unless its absolutely astonished me to share. BUT BEST BELIEVE, If you share facts, tips, newly put out, crtics, or recipes and etc, IM CHECKING IT OUT, I'm a huge FOODIE, love all it has to offer, I just am modest when it comes to me. okay love bugs, cocoa is signing off this feed, leave comments or even questions below. XO.