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a small collection of my art, tattoos and drawings.
All except Goku are old, I'm talking more than 10 years old! Goku is the first thing I've drawn with nothing but pen and colored pencils, and I finished in a day about a year ago.
my right and left arms with my own designs. I had a rookie tattooist doing the work but I plan on getting them touched up.
Love the art. Especially Sir Fratley! It looks almost exactly like the concept art, with slight differences. It looks great. Final Fantasy 9 is my favorite FF game.
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That was the time that I was drawing straight from concept art. Early 2000-2001 I ended up buying The Art of Final Fantasy IX.
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I can only imagine how beautiful that book is.
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it is, every concept art for the game is in there
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I love Yoshitaka Amano's work. It's so abstract and different, yet so similar to the actual game art.
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