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Now I was gonna add smut but I'm not ready to write that. :) I hope you enjoy!

When I opened the door there was a breathless tae. He walked in fast and I shut the door. I turned around and he had me pushed against the door and his lips were on mine. I quickly put my hands around his neck to pull him closer so we could deepen the kiss. I bit his bottom lip and he knew what wanted with that action. And pushed his tongue into my mouth. His hands where around my waist and he held me tight. After a few seconds of this we broke apart now both of us breathless. "I love you (y/n)" "I love you too tae" "I couldn't wait to see you. After we got back i ran here." "You could have called....where's the l key you had?" "I left in a hurry it was in my bag I left in the car." I laughed. "Well I was about to go to bed but now I'm not tired. How long can you stay?" "Well we could go to bed." He winked. "Tae!" "What? Don't tell me you haven't thought about that." "Well....I have but..." "So what's stopping us?" He leaned forward just barley touching his lips to mine. "Um...." I couldn't think what was I going to say. He smirked. "Well? I guess I can ask you my question now." He took a step back and I was finally able to move off the door. "(Y/n) will you be my girlfriend?" "That was the question? Of course I'll be your girlfriend." I smiled and this time I walked towards him and since he was right by the couch i had pushed him over the armrest and onto the couch with me falling on top of him. He placed his hands on my hips. "I meant to do that." I smiled as I placed a kiss on his lips. "Sure you did." He kissed back. Things got intense after that. We both had fallen asleep and we were cuddling. My phone kept buzzing so I rolled over tae. My chest pressed against his. I grabbed my phone and saw I was getting bombarded by texts. I stayed laying on Tae since I was going to set the phone back down. I pulled open the first text. Before I could read it my phone was taken away. "Hey beautiful." "Hey. Can i have my phone back?" "No. I'm enjoying the view." "Tae!" I lightly smacked him and rolled off of him. "Your body is so beautiful...I want to...." He started kissing my shoulder. His hands started to feel my skin again and that burning passion was starting to creep up again. "Tae...wait...I need to know.....who is blowing up my phone." With his other hand he checked the message and typed something then set the phone on the ground and rolled on top of me. "Don't worry about it we won't be bothered by them now." He then kissed me and started working his way down my jaw to my neck and he continued working his way down. When we finished we both needed actual food and so we went into the kitchen I took the blanket and wrapped it around me while he put his boxers back on. "Babe you know we could just be walking around naked no one is going to walk in on us." He said wrapping his arms around me. "I know I'm just cold." "After what we just did?" He laughed "Yea there is no more body heat." "I can fix that." "Tae no." I laughed " we need food." "Oh fine." He said and lift me up and put me on the counter. "I'll make us something." I sat there and watched him make us some food. During this he was singing and I just was in awe. I wondered why he kept it a secret that he was a trainee let alone going to debut. But on top of it all I was just so happy to have him in my life. He came into my life at the right time because now I won't let him go. "Babe you ok." I snapped out of my thoughts. "Yea I'm fine. I was just thinking. Why didn't you tell me you were a trainee? Or going to debut?" "It was a secret. Or more of I was a secret. No one was suppose to know about me in the group till we were set. And so just to keep it 100% quiet I had to promise everyone I wouldn't say anything to you until we had debuted." "That makes sense." He then grabbed some plates and put the food on it. I was waiting for my plate but he just started feeding me. "Aww my girl is so cute letting me feed her." I finished chewing the food he gave me. "I'll gladly feed myself." "No I want to do it" He said shielding the plate from me so I couldn't take it. "Ok." I smiled after we ate we went back to the living room and put clothes back on. "When do you have to leave. I know your album was released today so." He looked at my phone. "I should probably leave in a half hour unless I shower here" He winked "Then I have an hour and a half. "Let's go shower then" I laughed pulling him towards the bathroom. Sadly our time together ended. He had to leave and I was left alone. But I wasn't sad I was so happy. Although he would be busy we were now together and nothing could destroy that happiness. I grabbed my phone to see who had text this morning. It was his friends. I only thought Jin had my number. But I read one text sent to all of them. 'This is Taehyung. I have been making love to my beautiful girlfriend and im going to continue making love to my beautiful girlfriend so stop bothering us.' I blushed at that. Then I quickly text tae. Me: Nice text babe. At least they left us alone so we could make love. ; ) I set my phone down and was thinking of what to do. Then it hit me. I should go out and get there album. I mean what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't listen to his group. I went to my room and grabbed my purse and then put my shoes on. I made sure to grab my phone and then left. I made my way to a music store that was packed. I walked past the line and into the store. I went to look for there album and when I couldn't find it I went to ask a worker. She went and grabbed one. my phone buzzed. Taetae: ;) I love you I smiled at his text. "The group is here today for a fan signing and because you bought there album here you get this wristband and that let's you into it." She said putting the wristband on my hand. "Sweet" I said and then she explained where I had to stand in line. As I was walking to the line I saw the guys walking out to go to the table. All the girls in line started screaming. I quickly got in my spot and waited. After a half hour I finally got close enough to see them all. Tae was the last one. So I had to get through the others fast to get to him. Finally I was up. "Hey Rap Mon." I laughed "Hey (y/n) how are you." He signed the cd booklet on a page next to his face. "I'm good got this nice surprise. " "The cd?" "No the autographs" I laughed "Ha I guess well V will be excited to see you." He then handed my cd to Suga and this continued until I was right next to tae. I was at Jungkook. Finally Tae noticed me. He looked at me and smiled and quickly signed the book in front of him and had a little small talk then sent her on her way. Jungkook was having fun with this he took his time and kept talking to me and Tae was getting frustrated. So he joined the conversation. After a few seconds. He reached over for the book Jungkook just finished signing and pulled it away from him. "Your done now." He pushed Jungkook playfully and I said my byes to Jungkook and scooted over to be in front of tae. "I'm so shocked your here." He started writing something on a page. Then he stopped and looked at me. "I know me too I just came to get your album and I got lucky with this." I smiled. "Well I'm glad to see you. Even if it's only been a few hours since we last saw each other." He grabbed my hand and pulled it to his lips and kissed it. Which cause several girls to scream. He smiled. "I love you (y/n)" "I love you too tae" I whispered. He kept my hand in his and finished writing something then he shut the book and handed it back to me. "Ok now give me your other hand" I put it up and he grabbed it and then intertwined our fingers together and smiled. "Fighting!" I said while moving our hands. "Fighting" He said to me then he let go. "Bye" I whispered and I got up and moved. He watched me walk off. I turned to watch him interact with more fans and then decided I should leave I looked creepy now. I went home and listened to the cd. I fell in love with there sound. It was amazing. I then ended up putting it on repeat just to listen to it all day. I cleaned my place in the process. After I finished I sat on the couch and turned the tv on. Then my phone started ringing. "Hello." "Hey babe what are you doing?" "Tae! I'm just watching tv now. How about you?" "We're heading back to the dorms." I looked at the clock. Holy heck it's already 1am "My neighbors probably hate me." "That's random why?" "I was just vacuuming a little bit ago." "Are you crazy." He laughed. "Shouldn't you head to bed now?" "I'm not tired." "Want me to come make you tired." I could here his smirk through through he phone. "No you need to stay away. I have work in the morning as do you." "Awe come on." "No tae....oh look at that I'm tired. I'm walking to my bed right now." I turned the tv off and went to my bed. I laid down and we continued to talk for a little. "Are you in bed yet." I yawned. "Just got into my room I'm in bed." "Alright I'm going to hang up. I love you!" "I love you too." He said while yawning. "Dream about me tonight." "I will you do the same." Then the line went quiet. "Tae?" He didn't say bye. I looked at my phone I was still connected. Don't tell me he fell asleep. "Tae?" Then I heard his breathing. Yea he was asleep. "Awe goodnight baby." I was just listening to him breathing when the phone moved. "(Y/n) he fell asleep." Jimin said "I figured. Alright well you sleep well ok?" "Will do. Hey one thing real quick." "What's up?" "Promise me you won't hurt taehyung. He has had it rough and he deserves to be happy." "Jimin what are you talking about? Of course I'll never hurt him I love him." "You won't just go off and break up with him because you can't handle being his girlfriend anymore?" "No I won't let that happen. Has this happened before?" "Just....something one of us has had to deal with. It sucks when you love someone and you thought they would be with you forever and they just vanish from your life saying they fell out of love with you. Be good to him. Good night." Before I could say anything else he hung up the phone. That was odd. I laid there a few minutes until I fell asleep. I did dream of mine and Taes life together.
Well??? what do you think? is this a good ending? well sadly there is the epilogue to come then this story is over. I hope you enjoyed this!
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