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Write a short message to each member!
[A little longer than I intended, but i just had way to much to say to them XD]
Leader Cha, I am so thankful that you are the leader of Vixx. You are possibly one of the most caring men I have ever known about, and thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in with Vixx. You have taken care of the members so well, and I hope you are aware of how much they really love you. Please keep your strength in the future. Don't work too hard, and continue being that strong anchor that Vixx will always be thankful for. Fighting!!! Saranghae!!
Taekwoon Oppa, It seems you have changed so much since debut. Every time I see you again, you improve and grow from your past troubles so much. You have been an incredibly large inspiration in my life, and I could never thank you enough. Your personality may be unique, however I hope you are aware that you do not need to change for anyone. Starlight's love you just the way you are! Please don't feel pressured to push yourself because of anyone else. I hope that you can continue doing as you love in the way that you desire. Stay healthy and please take care of yourself. Saranghae!!!
Jaehwan Oppa, As the cute main vocal in Vixx, you have done so much for the members. I love your bright and bubbly personality and hope you would never trade it for the world. You have kept Vixx in good spirits and have cheered them up through everything. Thank you for supporting Vixx and assisting them all in your own special way. I hope you continue to do so in the future, and remain as the cute main vocal we all love. Please don't feel down and don't work yourself too much. Saranghae!
Wonshik Oppa, Your skills are really starting to come into light! More and more people are beginning to see how fantastic you are and it's really well deserved. Your mix tape is so well made. I'm not a fan of hip hop but I love all the songs you have made. You show your colors well and I'm grateful you are who you are. I hope you never stray from that. Continue to work hard, but don't hurt yourself in the process. Know when it's time to rest and when it's time to continue on. Thank you for all the work you have put in. Saranghae!
Hongbin Oppa, Our bean has been working extra hard lately. With your drama, the japan release, and more upcoming activities I'm sure your very busy. I have been watching your drama well, and think you have truly become an amazing actor! You have been getting more parts as well, and more and more I find myself mesmerized by your beautiful voice. I hope this leads to more opportunities for you in the future. Make sure you find time to rest and recharge oppa. Starlight's smiley light can not be tired! Hongbin fighting! Saranghae!
Sanghyuk Oppa, Our maknae has grown up! I used to be able to call you my cute little child, even if I'm much younger than you. You are making it increasingly harder to do that. You have matured well over the years and overcome so many of the hardships you have gone through. I am so happy to be hearing your voice more in songs. You have really become someone to compete against. You have surpassed many of your sunbae's in my opinion. I hope you continue to have good fortune in the future. Please care for yourself. Sanghyuk oppa jang! Saranghae!