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Well not that new, but I comment on others cards A LOT . . . . . Hehe :p
That will be my first card. ik it's boring, but ama try best to make fun cards for u all. I just wanted to introduce myself to u guys. Take care of, cuz I will for sure Hopefully you all will like my cards. I just wanna thank @BelencitaGarcia for inspiring me for begging this journey. Lovvve ya~❤
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@VKookie47 wazuuup my pleasure to be ur friend. ik he looks adorable right!! 😁
Hi welcome to the Vingle K-Pop Community!!! Hope you have fun and I'm glad to meet you!!!
@JinsPrincess86 Thank you so much it's my pleasure to meet u too :)
hello :3
@Emilykitetenjo Hello 😄😄