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Let's look at some clothing styles to get the ladies to dress like Cas! Our lovely Angel!
I like this dress look! It's cute!
Cool weather days! But I'm switching the phone though!
Love the BLUE! Not a fan of the jewelry.
Not completely Castiel like but can be cool with some changes here and there! Which is your favorite look?
I like the first two.
Ooooo agreed @TiffanyWallace! I like the second one. That outfit is just classy B)
So many of those would go wonderfully with going to jobs or job interviews and look professional. I like it.
I love that blue purse and the angel wing earrings, which I make and sell, by the way. lol I like all the jewelry, but again, I can make it all. I like the boots in the second set. Otherwise, this is not my style at all. Way too preppy and cute for me! Not that I don't like it. I've just never seen myself in anything like all this!! That being said, I wish it rained enough here for me to require that trench coat! 💜💜💜