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Picture 1

This might be too easy or might be a challenge for some others..

Picture 2

Picture 3

" Do What you like and love what you do" "Make art not war"

Picture 4

Among others this is his most known one the Borne Scorpio (Tribal) the Man is Scorpio.That's why he got it probably. .lol

Picture 5

Picture 6

"The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor" "Hope to the end" "A song will outlive all sermons in the memory"

Picture 7

"777" "MVP" " Lucky"

Picture 8

"Always keep the faith "

Don't forget to comment on what you got right or not...

Omg XD I am too observant XD 8/8 Did I mention I love tattoos? 😂😂😂😂
@luna1171 they just easy for me to point out. But I do love the art of tattoos. 💖
I only got GD, JayPark and Taeyang 😂😂😁😁😛😛😛
lol i only got Jay Park and Gdragon 😂😂😂
i only got yongguk right lol
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