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So I watch a lot of different types of TV shows.
NCIS okay I know not the best thing a 15 year old to watch right. well it was bonding time with my Nana to watch this show and I fell in love. I have watched ever episode and ever season. hah Yeah I am wierd. pluse I love Ducky.
The History chanel. yep I'm a history freek. loved watching it as a 10 year old to this say I will flick it on an watch it for hours. mostly the documentarys.
Criminal Minds. I am in love with baby girl because I can see my self as her. I and a computer wiz and love helping people. also like dark rooms hahah.
All the super hero TV shows that have been aird. the original Wonder woman. Green arrow flash super girl and SHIELD.
Haha I used to watch the history channel any day I was home sick. It was my comfort tv for sure ^_^ @buddyesd really loves the original Wonder Woman too :D
@shannonl5 you know me so well 😁😁😁