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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 37/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it
The way he was swaying on his feet unnerved you. Unfocused eyes drifted over you as he gripped his face, teeth clenched. Stumbling in a tight circle, he almost tripped over his own boots but caught himself, heaving in a deep breath. Jungkook hunched over, an odd sound between a sigh and the beginnings of a scream passing through his lips.
“I’m going to kill him.” He spoke clearly. “I’m going to rip out his fucking throat.” He clawed at his face, leg bouncing in agitation, “I’m going to set him on fire.” he added, straightening up and looking towards the door, “I’m going to gouge his eyes out.” Jungkook sighed again, and his entire body seemingly relaxed. “I need some acid.” He murmured thoughtfully. He glanced back at you, still seated on the mattress. “Come on.”
You shook your head.
He had started to walk to the door, but paused when you refused. Jungkook nodded towards the door, “I can’t leave you here by yourself. I’m taking you back to the Waiting Room.” He had a lot to do and he was on a short fuse; now wasn’t the time for you to argue with him. Jungkook waved you over to him, “I’m not in the mood right now. Come on.”
You eyed him angrily, “Then what?” He knew the truth, but that wasn’t going to wipe away what he had done beforehand. Moreover, he didn’t even fully understand the truth; that it wasn’t Yoongi’s fault, he had no choice. You opened your mouth, fully intent on telling Jungkook that Yoongi wasn’t the one he should be going after, but he beat you to it, suddenly pointing at you.
“Get the hell up, Y/N!” he snapped, crossing the roof and gripping you from under your arm. He hoisted you up, dragging you towards the door. Your sock clad feet struggled to find purchase on the smooth cement of the rooftop. His hand enveloped your arm, his grip firm as he pulled you.
“Get off me!”
He glared down at you, “You want him alive?! After what he did to-”
“He didn’t have a choice!” You shouted, “Not like you did when you were pressing into me! If you want to be mad at someone for hurting me, you should look in a mirror, Jungkook!”
He shook his head furiously, “No, I love you! You fucking know this already. You love me, you’re supposed to be on my side. You love me.” He argued, free hand grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, “You’re just saying that because you’re scared of Yoongi. He’s not going to hurt you anymore, I’m here. I’ll protect you..like I always have.”
“You’re not listening to me! The bad one isn’t Yoongi, it’s you!”
“Why are we in here again?” Taehyung questioned. “And what are we looking for?”
Seated on the tile floor of the bathroom, he boredly picked up the miscellaneous items of the broken drawer. The room hadn’t been entered since Yoongi and you had left it and Taehyung didn’t understand why Namjoon was suddenly demanding that Tae help him find something in the bathroom. He scratched at his arm, fingers brushing over a small comb. Passing over it, he gently lifted up a hair pin, examining it briefly.
Beside him, rummaging through a medicine cabinet, Namjoon huffed, slamming the door shut. “It has to be somewhere where Yoongi couldn’t find it easily.” He grumbled, “He doesn’t know, or else he’d make a big deal out of it.” The leader jerked open a drawer, tossing the toothbrushes and razors on the floor as he felt towards the back of it. Taehyung reached behind him into the bottom cabinets of the sink, pulling out a smooth black zippered bag.
Turning it over in his hands, he squeezed it raising a brow at how some of it caved easily. Thin fingers unzipped it, pulling out the contents. Boredly, he set aside a few pads, tampons and liners interest peaked at the small pills scattered at the bottom. “Is this it?” He asked, pulling out a few to show to Namjoon. The taller man quickly squatted down, taking the bag and the pills from Taehyung to count them. “Why did you need to find those?” Taehyung reiterated.
“I sent her pregnancy tests and they’ve been coming back positive for a while even though she claimed she took the pills I sent.”
“How did you know?”
“I had someone check the trash they sent out.”
“So she’s pregnant with Yoongi’s baby?”
“No.” Namjoon hissed, pulling out a pill that differed in color from the rest. “I sent her a different kind the first time, thinking that she’d take it, but then fucking Yoongi said it was him. And she thought it was his baby and didn’t take the first damn pill.”
“So her baby’s father isn’t Yoongi?”
“It might not be.” He relented, “Or it might be his, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway.” He held out the pill to Taehyung, “Make sure she takes this. I don’t want to risk anything. Yoongi and her are already practically together, it’s only a matter of time before he comes back for her.”
Taehyung didn’t understand. Namjoon was mad that the baby was possibly Yoongi’s but then he wanted to kill it? What about the off chance that it was Yoongi’s? Why did he want them to get pregnant anyway? “Then why did you need a baby from them?”
“I needed..” Namjoon stressed slowly, “A reason for Yoongi to get attached to her. My initial idea was a baby, but he’d gotten close to her without even knowing about the pregnancy. Since she’s been hiding the pills from him and he easily let her go with Jungkook. So he obviously doesn’t know. So now the baby is just a back up since he’s already invested in her. Now that there’s the chance that the baby isn’t his, it’s better to get rid of it. We don’t need it.” He pressed the pill into Taehyung’s hand, “So make sure she takes this.”
“Jungkook’s been up her ass. He hasn’t let her out of his sight. He even stands in the bathroom when she showers!” Taehyung argued. “If I give her this and then she gets sick he’s going to come after me. Tell the guy who actually raped her to give it to her. Where’s he at anyway? Is he still crying that Yoongi tried to gouge his eyes out?”
Namjoon raised a brow in curiosity, “Is that what happened? I saw him with blood on his face, but didn’t really care to ask. Who the fuck let Yoongi go? I told those two idiots to hold him down.”
Taehyung gave him a pointed stare,”You saw how Yoongi almost took the both of us down and we already know how he’s like. Those two guys didn’t stand a chance.” He recounted,”I think they were taunting him and he..he shifted when they let their guard down and they lost their grip and all of a sudden he was across the room. He was trying to kill the guy who had actually done it, but he kept screaming that it was me. I guess because I brought the guy in. We got him off before he drew too much blood and got him pinned down again. The guy was crying about how crazy Yoongi was and how he was going to sue or something.“ He chuckled,
“I couldn’t help it, I laughed. He looked so pitiful! Hands cradling his face as he shout to Yoongi that he was going get his lawyer! And Yoongi he was crying too, but Yoongi just said when he got free he was going to kill him. Now that really scared the dude and he ran from the room, crying like a little bitch. She woke up shortly after he left. High out of her mind and probably confused as to why I was smiling and Yoongi was crying like a little girl. Yoongi kept saying it was me who did it, but as soon as she woke up he was saying it was him.” Taehyung shrugged, “But anyway, Jungkook’s going to be out for blood; send in the guy who actually did it.”
Namjoon cracked his knuckles, slowly shaking his head. “He’s already dead. He kept saying he wanted out of the organization after that. I didn’t know why at the time, but we let him out like he wanted.” He retorted, eyeing Taehyung cautiously, “You’re seriously the weirdest trafficker I’ve ever known.” He commented, “You sell women and act as if you’re out to get them and you even watch other people with them, but you don’t do it yourself.”
Taehyung smile dropped instantly and he glared at Namjoon, “I’m not my dad.” He growled, “He’s fucking lucky I keep his damn business running. I’m not going to turn into him too.”
“Have you ever…?” Namjoon grinned, changing the subject. He was tired of hearing how Yoongi had outsmarted three of his men. It always seemed that even when he was pinned down, Yoongi had some sort of upperhand. But now, Namjoon had you and Yoongi was going to suffer. “You seemed to like Y/N. I was convinced you actually wanted to take a crack at her.”
“I liked scaring her more than trying to force myself on her. You already know all that happy, candy, teasing shit is just an act.” He murmured, “I hoped it’d drive her from Jungkookie, but it seemed to make her go straight to him. So then I scared him to get him to see how stupid he was being, but it made him want to protect her more.” He shrugged, “They’re fucking psycho.”
“You were going to sell her,” He pressed, “What’s the difference if you try-”
“There’s a fucking difference, Namjoon.” He snapped, “I’m not my dad.” He stressed lowly, “I’ve never been him. I’m not going to force some woman under me.”
“You’ll just watch while someone else does..? You’re so fucked up.” He teased, lightly hitting Taehyung’s shoulder, “Ahh, don’t start. I know, I know..Your dad made you watch when you were younger.” He rubbed at his nose, “Don’t go running off again. Last time I mentioned you being like your dad you disappeared for three weeks. I still need you here.” He pointed to the pill, “Make sure she takes that, I’ll distract Jungkook.”
They stood up, exiting the cramped bathroom and heading towards the splintered door. Pill held in his fist, Taehyung, looked over to Namjoon, “Where do I take her? Jungkook might figure out a way to evade you.”
“Go to Jimin’s room.” Namjoon suggested, “Jungkook’s not allowed there and it’s not like he has a habit of breaking my rules.” He rolled his eyes at Taehyung’s pensive look, “Jimin likes her. They’re like best friends or something.”
“Jimin tried to kill her.” He reminded him, “And lately he hasn’t given two shits about doing whatever the first thing that pops into his mind is. What if he kills her? How are you supposed to trap Yoongi?”
“That’s why you’ll be there.”
“I should dump your ass in that damn river too!” Yoongi threatened, grabbing a fistful of Jin’s shirt, “Stand up!” He jerked at his collar, shaking him, “What else do you want to add, Jin? What other twist do you want to add to my words?! I’ll fucking tell you plain and simple.” He smirked, “Your sister is mine.” He breathed. “You’ve been shitting out all that ‘My sister’ and ‘my family’, but she’s not yours. She’s my family now.” Shoving Jin back Yoongi stared down at him, daring him to challenge him. “Come on, Jin~ Stop biting your tongue. Doesn’t it hurt? I know you’ve got a lot to say, right?”
Jin winced, rubbing at his sore foot, “She’s my sister.” He mumbled, “It’s my job to prot-”
“It’s my job now.” Yoongi countered.
“You don’t love her!” Jin snapped, “You’re just fucking high off the idea of keeping her safe and her adoring you for it! You’ve been alone for too long, of course you’re going to be attached to the first person who latches onto you! The same damn thing happened with Jungkook and he’s probably trying to kill her now that you’re in the picture!” He sat up, slowly trying to get back up on his feet, “And if you actually do get her, what are you going to do when she finally meets a normal man? One who’s not hiding from police or selling drugs in dark alley and shooting up warehouses!? You know and I know once she meets a regular man, she’s not going to look back at you ever again!”
Yoongi was dangerous. Everyone here was dangerous and if his older brother couldn’t make it, what chance did his little sister have?
“She wouldn’t.” Yoongi spoke firmly. Jin barked out a laugh
“Jungkook said the same damn thing and now where they’re at.” He pointed a finger at him, “What are you going to do? Try to kill her too?” Yoongi grabbed the nearest thing to him; the stack of photos and threw them at Jin, tackling him. He punched him, anger releasing slowly with each hit
“You pulled this same shit when your brother died. Making up whatever you can to get me to back down. Do I have to break your fucking arm again to get you to see straight?!” Yoongi paused, “You should be fucking kissing my ass that I even protected her not giving me this shit! I could have let her rot, Jin. I could have left her alone and she would have died thinking her shitty brother didn’t care about her.”
The bedroom door opened, Hoseok peering in. He blanched at the sight of his leader wailing on the second in command. “Hyung..?” Yoongi’s head snapped up, murderous stare locked onto Hoseok.
“Jaehwa went out for a patrol and he just called in..” Hoseok furrowed his brows, “He was a block away from Namjoon’s warehouse, but even from that distance he heard Y/N and some guy screaming.. He said he heard them say your name.” Hoseok figured the guy was most likely Jungkook. Jin covered his face with his hands, muttering out curses.
“She told him.” He hissed. Yoongi blankly stared back at Hoseok, but suddenly he was up moving towards the door
“I want Jae in there right fucking now.” He ordered, stomping into the living room while Hoseok furiously texted Jaehwa. Yoongi stopped at the coffee table swiping off the glasses and papers from the surface. He lifted the table top to reveal a hidden compartment. There was ammunition, but no guns. He slammed it, whirling around to Areum curled up on the couch asleep. “Areum. Get the hell off your ass and get over there. I need you to cover Namjoon. Hoseok you go for Taehyung. Then’s there’s Jimin..” He wildly scanned the room. Where the hell would Jaehwa keep guns? Hoseok reappeared, following Yoongi’s line of sight. His eyes cut back to Hoseok, “What the fuck is Jin doing?”
Hoseok guiltily looked at Yoongi. “He’s..he’s just laying there.” He timidly rubbed his arm. He had forgotten how eerily quiet Yoongi was when he was planning operations and calling out orders.
That was one of the reason why he was the leader.
“You two go help Jaehwa, I’ll get Jin and meet you there.” He angrily shoved over the chair, “Where the hell are his guns?” He felt under the kitchen table and counters. “Who the fuck doesn’t keep a gun under their table?” Hoseok managed to keep his smile to himself. It seemed Yoongi was growing frustrated with how ‘normal’ people lived. Checking back to make sure Areum was behind him, Hoseok exited the apartment.
Yoongi circled the apartment twice before deciding that Jaehwa truly didn’t have any guns in the apartment. He hummed in annoyance, peeking his head into your room. He was ready to funnel his anger onto Jin now. Jin had sat up at least, tears in his eyes as he tried to stand. Yoongi paused gaze lingering on the soaked bandages. It didn’t look like blood. “When’s the last time that was properly treated?”
Jin blinked, looking up at him,”..Never. It’s infected.” he murmured softly. “Why do you think I haven’t tried to help my baby sister? I’m not heartless, Yoongi. I can barely walk and now Jungkook’s going kill her and I can’t do anything. You’ve been fucking swooping in saving the day and I’m stuck here wishing I could do something. And I was angry and I took it out on you…again.” He cried, “It’s just like my brother all over again. I’m stuck and I have to send you out to fight for me. Don’t let her die too.”
“She’s not going to die.”
“That’s what you said about him.”
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