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Let's get our hearts ready........
#1 my LIFE in General G-dragon This guy up there is just irresistible. like comon who doesn't lo e that piece of ART, who doesn't. Look at the sexiness dripping from him I think his name will be "sexy dripping" the way he act like a bad ass 5 seconds later you'll see our baby acting all cute, nice, warm hearted. . . . . . JUST LET MY HEART TAKE THE RIGHT DIRECTION. LIKES MAN PLZ
#2 Byun Baekhyun aka "bacon" My babe is just so charming, looks like a fluffy rabbit, cutie pie, his smile melts my heart. In my dreams u can say he's my doctor *Hehehe, just wrote this cuz of the pics, ahehe ya know*, and his voice is like fhdjsbdbdbd . . . . . yeah just a bacon
#3 Jackson Wang The babe that never fails to make u laugh. The charm that sparks in ur heart. the light that shines in the sky, the angle that flies........ok OKAY we don't want a poetry now. "OH MY STRESS" my Cake
#4 Kim Jongin "Kai" woop woop what did I hear KAI oh wellllll Aaahahaaaa are we related now way. u probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Everyone that Sexy man has my name, well my name is "Kaiya" so kinda the same Right! Just wanna say that Sexy can't be described.
#5 Kim Taehyung "V" Aliens maybe Exist maybe not who knows, but we have a half human half Alien that makes our world fly in happiness, derpness, love dovey land, Etc...... He's the Alien that make my day goes cuz of his little things
Awesome list!!!!!
If anyone wants to be tagged please let me know 😊😊