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Sooo, i'm a bit late to the party here. Sorry about that! Its mostly because I was trying to hash out what I wanted to do for chapter 22 and 23 of my fic.
Day 4: I'm still bitter about.... Hawkeye having a family in Age of Ultron! I am both a major Clintasha shipper andba myocxhawkeye shipper, so this was a devastating blow. the farm was nice, but I prefer a single hawkeye, please!!
Day 5: Who I think will die in civil war: Well, I don't want anyone to die, but I think it will be Rhodey. I hope it will make Tony see why this was all a vad idea.
@shannonl5 hmm, very possible. A good theory. i smell a sequal. #CaptainCriminalMinds
:D :D :D
I can see that. I'm wondering if maybe the entire fight is orchestrated by Hydra (trying to eliminate their threats by making them fight each other) so I'm hoping Rhodey doesn't really die... it's just like temporary XD I'm too attached to him