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Park Chanyeol/ Chanyeol / Chanychan/ Yoda ears xD Born: November 27, 1992 Okay guys Lay may be my main bias right now for EXO but at first it was this guy x.x
yes this guy ^^^^^^
I know I know it's making me shy too oppa ^////^
he's funny ugh look at his smile aaaah my heartu!!!
his smile oh look I see his ears xD I could live with those ears I might bite them though.....o.o not in a weird way just cuz they're there... pervs!!!
his wink ugh I was dying ugh don't look at me like that it's okay I felt that way when I saw chim chims abs too Chanyeol oppa
......what am I doing?..... oh right well there's my Chan for you ^^
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lol so she says aha @ElleHolley
2 years ago·Reply
To me he's an elf bc of the ears which is so adorable 😍😂
2 years ago·Reply
lol right I just wanna bites them @gabbylu13
2 years ago·Reply
he's ma bae...
2 years ago·Reply