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Alright guys I have a question. You see I like to collect HD idol pictures, the only problem is is that it takes up too much space in my phone. So my question is, woupd you guys like it if I posted the pictures here?, so I could have more room in my phone. You guys could request an idol or a group and I'll post a card on pictures of just them, I hav3 like over 300 pictures of just idol xD. So if you guys would like that, please let me know cx.
I have more than a 500 photos of my idols(and kpop memes) that weird? ._.
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You should hook me up with some shinee
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I would love to be tagged too!! And please unload your idol pics here! lol I'd follow that collection.
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Yesss!!!! Please tag me!!!! 馃槤
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Yes please! 馃榿
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