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(YOUR POV) *ding ding* the bell rang as 5th period ended. we all went towards the cafeteria. i grabed my plate as I sat down in an empty table by myself, I heard girls screaming and huddled in a table far away from me. but it still caught my eye. From afar I noticed an attractive man sitting down surrounded with girls. (oh it's just yoongi) I thought to myself. I secretly liked him and no one knows I like him because I'm an antisocial person. I don't interact with anyone, I don't talk even if the teachers call on me, I mostly have an emotionless face on me every day. What makes me happy on the inside is watching anime (Japanese shows) all by myself and hearing kpop. I mostly do things by myself at my apartment and in school, because in school no one is my partner, no one is my friend, and I don't trust anybody. At my apartment, no one lives with me, nor my parents. * Flashback * My parents got divorced when i was 13 (8th grade) because my mother found out he was hooking up with other women. I stayed with my mother of course. Once I turned 14 (still in 8th grade) my mother told me that she was going to take me to a bakery store. I put a huge smile on me and hugged her cause she knows that I love sweets. We went walking hand in hand together. I wasn't afraid to show my love to my mom, I used to to have friends, I used to be nice and loud, and especially I used to smile alot until. We stoped at the end of the sidewalk because there were so many cars passing by. I looked at my mother smiling down at me. I always love her smiling. I always wanted her smile. her gentle and calm face, her smiling eyes, her cute dimples, and perfect smile. I always make other people smile, especially my mother. still standing there I told my mother that one day I will open a bakery shop myself and make people smile. my mother said. "I know you will, and I am sure you are going to be the perfect wife one day." she said smiling showing her perfect white teeth. I always wanted to be like my mother. Once there were no cars in sight, we went crossing hand in hand. (I love how soft my mother feels) I thought to myself. *SCREEEEECH!* I turned to the side and saw a car speeding up towards us. Next thing I know I was being pushed by my mother. she didn't have enough time to move out of the way. *THUD!* my eyes grew wide and tears swelled up. "MOTHER!!!" I screamed as I ran towards her. "MOTHER ARE YOU ALRIGHT!!!" I screamed looking around her for injuries. I saw her foot broken, her wrist twisted, and blood coming out of her head. "MOTHER!?" I screamed crying. "I-it's ok dear." she said stroking my face with her other hand. "I'll be fine, you'll see." she said smiling at me. *COUGH COUGH * She coughed harder and harder, when she coughed out blood I panicked. I turned around to see the man standing there. "HURRY UP AND GET HELP DAMMIT!!!" I screamed at the man. the man quickly pulled his phone out calling for help. *BEEP BEEP* "im really sorry I need to pay my minutes! " he said. I got furious and ran toward him. I grabbed his phone and broke it in half. I ran to other people looking at us. "LEMME USE YOUR PHONE!" I Screamed. "i-i-i-im r-r-r-really s-sorry I didn't brang it." she said. I ran towards my mother and tried to pick her up. "SOMEONE HELP DAMMIT!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Finally a person took out their phone and called for help. In less than a minute, the ambulance came and picked us up. Once we got to the hospital, the doctors told me to stay in the waiting room. I sat down and shake my leg uncontrollably. I saw people staring at me with a worried look. I looked down and saw my shirt filled with blood. "E-excuse me miss." I looked up and saw the nurse in front of me. "is she okay!?" I said worridly. "im really sorry but... your mother can't be saved no more." she said quietly. My eyes grew wider and tears started falling down my checks. "NO!!! NO! NO! NO!NO!NO!NO!NOO!!!" I said curling myself into a little ball. Some doctors came and picked me up. They excorded me out and I saw my aunt Mimi. She took me inside her car and drove off to her house. a few weeks past and my aunt treated me like crap. They would tell me to do chores, kick me and make me their slave. My aunt Mimi told me to wash the dishes and I spoke up. "no." I said. "EXCUSE ME!?" she said. "NO I WON'T DO THE DISHES!"I said louder. I grabed a plate and threw it to the ground.She just stood there speechless. I went outside and went back home. A few years past and I barely made it through school. *Flashback ends* And now I am living in SEOUL, South Korea . I haven't made any friends yet but I managed to have a crush on someone. But I didn't have a crush on just some any kind of guy, I got a crush on yoongi... A Womanizer. How did I end up likeing him?
Hi peeps! as you can see I'm making a fan fic. if I misspelled some words I'm really sorry::>.<:: and if you guys want to be tagged comment ^.^ tagging my homies @PriyaBala @staceyholley @ManaiaPio @priscy513 @lhiranthom13 @terenailyn @Swarrior16 @MomoChamie @Jojojordy2324 @bambamisbae @Gaehwa @Eliortiz13 @MelissaGarza @UnnieCakesAli @xtishamaex @tinathellama @HalimaOsman @AhiramRobledo @DonnaLykaRoxas @ninjamidori @Beckah1327 @QueenLele @megannmathews @JaxomB
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