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Chapulines are a thing in Oaxaca, Mexico I don't know where else they have them. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I like them. They come in different flavors like limon con Chile and just chile and even plain. Would anyone else try this?
@danidee they have a different taste to them but theyre definitely worth a try. @alywoah the only thing is that sometimes they got chile juice trapped in the bodies so when you bite them they kinda pop in your mouth or it could be the guts idk.
Dude, I've totally wanted to try these before, but I never have. I feel like they'd actually be pretty bomb.
@danidee I think I'd try them for the experience but I am not totally sure if I'd dig it. I am already screamish around allll sorts of bugs lol
@danidee have u ever tried these?
Hm interesting. I've never tried them.
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