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Hi!!!!! Would anybody like to chat with me? c: We can talk about anime or just life or whatever you want- doesn't really matter to me! Also, I am only looking for friends of course and nothing more. cx
To My Guildmates: I doubt any of you are reading this, but in case you are, vingle is the only way I can really communicate with others right now besides gmail. So if you want to chat- I would love to. You all have no idea how much I have missed you guys,,... I feel like this loneliness before me won't ever end! :c I just hope all of you are doing okay and are happy. I owe all of you so much. I miss all of you terribly, and know that you all are included within my heart. I love you all just so much. I haven't stopped thinking about you loves, in fact the weight of being unable to really communicate with you all only drags me down more and more and more with every passing minute. Please take care. Know that I love you all as a whole and individually. Words just aren't enough to express how much all of you mean to me. I'll try to be back soon. Stay safe, my amazing family.
@CraigNess - Lol you have a favorite anime? c:
@KillerJuggalo38- Yay! Feel free to PM if you would like! ^^
@CraigNess Alrighty then. Which anime do you want to start off with???
i have PLENTY to say
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