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Why do women lose interest in sex after marriage?
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I understand how difficult when only one side that want to ensure the success of relationship. you can try marriage counseling if you still want to keep it.. I have a few practical experience of handling marriage counseling while studying long ago. but for some health reason,I did not continue my study. somehow I knew that marriage counseling should be attended to by both side.. so ask your heart and someone you respect or care about you like your older/best friend about it. let see what their opinion
I've noticed a decline the moment we were married. She seems content without it. When it happens, I feel like she's only doing it for me. Feel like it's forced. I have to hint or show I want it, else it doesn't happen. It's not all about the sex. I try to tell her that, because she says all I care about is that. No, it's more than that. It's fire, passion, and just feeling wanted that's lacking. Idk what else to do. Idk if I can continue like this.
maybe you need to 'warm up' your married like take a day off and bring her to a dinner without kids so both of you can have a long talk. yes.. married is not just about sex.. communication is most important maybe you can suprise her (woman love suprise) with something like give her a woman spa coupon so she can use it to pamper her body or you can offer your hand to massage her shoulder for example or anything that can be fun together. if you read other card here, there is so many tips for valentine day couple that you may use it for your own good. make her feel she's worth it so you can have it in return somedays...☺
well.. if that case, there is something not ok either she or you and need to take a serious talk. when did this happen? a week? a month?. you write a poems to her.. wow
Yeah I massage her often and she loves it. We just had a night out the other night. Nothing I do seems to work. I've bought flowers. Ive written poems.
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