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Well if he's gonna be there it'll be fun so sure.
well i hope he wouldn't invite me to someone else's house.
So cute...
Uh oh...
Definitely wouldn't say no
He looks like he's good at cuddling.
Well he's persistent
I would tag people but i am technologically stupid and lack patience to figure things out on my phone. :(
where did you find this game?
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the original card is by PrincessUnicorn. Should be under games then BTS screenshot game 3. I think thats right. If you can't find it go to AubriePope and she's got the link to PrincessUnicorn then games and BTS screenshot game 3
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@sarcasticghost thank you!
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No problem! Sorry I'm bad with my phone and couldn't link you. :/
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@sarcasticghost that's ok! :)
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