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Finally got around to this, so here it goes. These are only a few shows that I can think of at the top of my head and are in no particular order.
I know it's only been 2 episodes, but so far I'm really liking the show. I love the concept of Lucifer dropping everything to take a vacation. The character itself is just so much fun. He's funny, sarcastic, blunt, and overall the freakin devil. Just imagine Supernatural's Lucifer doing this.
Speaking of Supernatural... I freaking love this show! There's so much creativity and monsters to work with! They went from odd jobs to demon hunting to straight out of the bible. And may add the one person who's death I was so distraught of? Yes, I cried at Bobby's death, Dean's death (then revival), and Charlie's death... but if there's one guy who's name is whenever mentioned by my friends who watch the show... I cry out "GABRIEL!!!!😭😭😭". Idk why! He really made an impact on me and was the most fun and humane angel I'd ever seen on the show. When Lucifer killed him, I lost it. GABRIEL!!!!!!!!!
Yup I'm switching to DC here. I've really gotten into this show. At first, I wasn't sure about it cuz we've all seen Batman's origin a million times. But this one is different. It takes place in the past BEFORE Batman, still DURING his origin story, and THROUGHOUT his childhood. When you really think about it, we've seen flashbacks to Bruce's past, but this series is all about the past and we see more of Bruce Wayne as well as the development of the soon-to-be villains. Not to mention we witness James Gordon's path to becoming Commissioner Gordon! This is a side to the Batman story we haven't seen before. If there's one nitpick I have its that I wish they didn't make Barbara so crazy. All I keep thinking is "how are they gonna make lil Batgirl in all this mess?" Hopefully it'll turn out well though.
Keeping with the DC universe, I present to you The Flash. To be completely honest, I like this a lot more than Arrow because it takes the characters and adds its own creativity without completely butchering them. I have major issues with Arrow most namely Black Canary. Black Canary is my absolute FAVORITE superheroine in the DC universe, and I really don't like how they interpreted her in The Arrow. In season 1, Laurel started off strong, but then she just went downhill. I shouldn't like Sara more than Laurel but I do! She's exactly what the Black Canary in the comics is and I just keep saying "why didn't they just switch Sara and Laurel." Ok back to Flash. I love the action and I think the special effects are great and the actors are amazing. Again one little nitpick would be that Candice Patton who plays Iris looks absolutely nothing like her character in the comics. However, Patton plays out the character well and makes her very strong-standing so I'm willing to let that slide.
Okay back to Marvel. I wasn't sure at first, but then I thought "why not". My god I should've watched it sooner! It's different than the other superhero films or shows I've seen. It takes the superhero elements and combines them with crime noir, it's such a good style. Krysten Ritter is just about perfect as Jessica Jones and David Tennant is amazing at being Kilgrave! So far as of season 1 every falls together almost perfectly.
And of course Once Upon a Time. Yeah it has it's ups and downs but I still like it all the same. It keeps me interested and I love how all these characters are brought into our world and then seeing their own twisted origin stories. Yeah the first half of season 4 is weak (sorry Frozen fans) and there's waaaay too many "we lost our memories" plot lines and one too many "we thought he/she was dead but turns out they're alive". But I guess you can say it's a guilty pleasure cuz I still watch it. Do I even need to say who my go orate character is? I think you can tell by my avatar 😉
Of course I have many favorite anime a but I believe that deserves its own card...or cardS lol.
Once upon a time is my niece ultimate favorite TV show. she know everything about it. From the storylines to all the characters. I've seen some it. its actually pretty good show.
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You love all the shows I love :D
@LAVONYORK we need a card on the people who wished to be tagged in this xD
@redapple615 My stepdad told me to check Lucifer out. He was laughing at it so I'll probably watch that.
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