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So I've decided to make this a little more interactive :) As most of you probably know, the end of Why Me is coming way too quickly, I might cry. But with this, comes what everyone has been waiting for.... The wedding! I've already put so much work into making decisions for this chapter, I wanted to leave the most important decision for you guys: The wedding dress! I've compiled a list of many dresses (ok not that many) that I feel fit Paisley, but I need you guys to decide which one fits her the best!

Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

Dress 4

Dress 5

Dress 6

I know they all have sleeves, but I just see Tae's bride wearing a dress with sleeves. That's all I can think about. Because I want the dress to still be a secret, I'm going to set up an actual poll
So click here to vote for your dress! Voting will close either on Monday, or when I have a sufficient amount of votes, which could be tomorrow depending on how fast you guys vote ;)
@drummergirl691 Wow I'm a hot mess. I realize that I typed card instead of COMMENT😅 I understand why that was so confusing now. Let me try again @faith92 @Brawner13 @JessicaFigueroa @ammagrande @AnnieGoodman @SarahIvester @JoseCullen @newmananoel @KaeliShearer @InnocentiaKishi @cutiecookie @QueenLele If you did not vote in the poll that is provided in the card (which I really suggest doing because it would make my life a bit easier) then please LIKE THIS COMMENT. THE COMMENT NOT THE CARD. I REPEAT THE COMMENT, so that your vote will be counted. I'm so sorry for that extreme miscommunication.
Aww thanks! @11erinmims 💕
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