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WARNING: YOU MIGHT FANGIRL!!!!!!!! Especially if your like @ninjamidori haha I got you...

The Next Morning, You wake up to the sound of strings being pulled by fingers, making a beautiful, angelic like sound. You hear a soothing voice humming and mumbling out words. You try to recognize the lyrics but they're not coming out because your like half asleep. You hear a voice sing out loudly,
"Neoui nun ko ip nal manjideon ne songil jageun sontopkkaji da yeojeonhi neol neukkil su itjiman..."
It was so graceful, You couldn't think of the song. After about a few seconds of thinking about it, You realize that it was the song, "Eyes, Nose, Lips" By Taeyang from BigBang!!!! You loved this song, It was like the national athem of your life, It's also like the Korean version of Let it go since so many people or making covers of the song.
You stood up and walk over to the window. You remove the curtain to see Jackson playing the guitar and singing to you as if it were like Romeo and Juliette. You blush as you open the front door and stand there with your arms wrapped into each other. You smile as you clap for him,
"Ahhhh Oppa, Your so talented!!" You yell out.
He stops playing and smiles at you as he bows down as if he were performing in front of millions of fans. He walks towards you with his guitar hanging from his shoulders and touching against his back. He stands near you as his hands touch your love handles,
"Good Morning, Babe. Did you sleep well?" He asked you sexily as he walks in, making you walk backwards.
"I slept fine, Did you Oppa?" You ask him back as he shuts the door with his foot, making the door slam hard.
"You know what. I didn't sleep why and you want to know why? Well it's because I couldn't use you as my teddy bear and I like to cuddle with stuffed animals." He tells you as his nose touches the tip of your nose. You blush as you giggle. You see Jackson smiling as he looks at your lips. He gives you a peck kiss quickly.
"I Love You.." He whispers.
"I Love You Too.." You whisper back to him as he hugs you, has his head leaning against your shoulder. You gently lay (EXO!!!!!) your head on top (BIGBANG!!) of his, feeling his soft hair touching your cheek. He starts giving you light kisses on your left shoulder as he rubs the lower part of your back. You gave him a kiss on his forehead as you run your fingers through his hair. You loved the way how his hair was soft and shiny like a baby's butt. He pushes himself away from you as he asks,
"Hey, Can you sing?"
"Ummm I don't know, I've been told that I'm not a great singer." You responded back insecurely.
He grabs your hand as he says, "To people you may not be great. But to me your perfect, Even if your voice may not be like Ailee or IU."
You blush as he lets go of your hand and grabs his guitar sits down and starts to play "4 walls" by f(x). You knew the lyrics and the dance routine, But you felt insecured as you rub your left lower arm with your hand and your leg rubbing up against the other one.
He looks at you as his fingers stop touching the strings, "You know, You don't have to sing for me if you don't want too. But if you want you can sing like behind a door, As if you were on the voice." He explains to you.
You walk into your bedroom and close the door as he starts to play it. You inhaled and exhaled deeply before singing. Before singing the chorus, You heard him singing along with you,
"Love is 4 walls, Neoro chaeun mirror mirror. Love is 4 walls sinbiroun miro miro."
You loved the way you both harominzed together, You loved the way he strung the strings. You just loved every second of it. He had stopped playing as you opened the door.
He stood next to you as his arm wrapped around your shoulders,
"You sang beautifully, Your an amazing singer. A lot better than me that's for sure." He tells you as he kisses your cheeks repeatingly. You both walk out into the living room and he immediately let's go of you and jumps onto the couch and poses as if he were filming a underwear advertisment because he said,
"Just Relax." He looked at you with settling eyes as he bites his bottom lip seductively.
You smile as you walk over and lay next to Jackson. He wraps his arm around you as his leg rubs against yours. You can't help but giggle as you felt his leg touched yours.
You turn your head around to see him smiling as he looks at your lips as he says,
"You know that feeling each others lips...That feeling... It can't be described with words."
You smile at him as he kisses you. His cold hand touches the warm side of your face as you turn your body around to face him. Your leg sits on top of his left thigh as he pulls away from you, His head still rests against yours, Making the tips of your noses touch each other. You giggle and blush as you look at his lips with was covered by his little tongue. He runs his hand through a strand of your hair behind your ear. He leans in closer to you as you felt his breath push against your face,
"I Love You, Babe" He whispers to you seductively.
"I Love You Too, Babe" You whisper him back.
His eyes close slowly as he wraps his arms and legs around your body, Making your bodies conjoined like a burrito. You quietly laugh under your breath as you hear him snoring awfully loud. You slowly get up and you were about to walk away until you felt something touch your wrist, Pulling you back strongly. You found yourself sitting next to Jackson as he says, "Don't leave me alone. I get scared."
You smile as you lay next to him again. You stroked the side of his face as he sleeps soundingly next to you. You felt yourself getting sleepy considering the fact you didn't get much sleep last night. Before your eyes drift away, You felt a hand touching your hip and a voice whispering, "I Love You Babe, Sweet Dreams...."
Ugh the feels!!! Sorry if this was short for you.
Ugh I just love Jackson!
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Wow ur such a talented writer!!! I swear my heart was about to jump out of my chest the entire time!! 馃槶馃槶馃槶 @MrsJungHoseok
@MrsJungHoseok 馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦
@kekers96 @JeniseRamos Thanks @ninjamidori haha lol @ParkHwaYoung thank you and I am?
me plz