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So I am having a dilemma, in which I have my dreams, and my family. So I am the Co-founder, and VP of my new business which manages and plans music events, as in raves, festivals etc... And we are throwing out first race we have been planning. And let me say this now, music and festivals and raves have been the biggest dreams of my life to do, to say, "yea, I made this event." So I have devoted endless hours and hundreds in gas to work on getting ready for our first event. We want to have it in spring in April, my birth month! And so it comes we set the date on Friday, April 22nd, 2016. Cool we have that down and are working on securing our deposite to secure the venue and date. Then comes today, the day I go to celebrate my grandmothers birthday. And somehow the event pops up with grandma, and she asks when it is. So I tell her, and she asks me, "Did you check to see if Passover is that day?" Yes I'm Jewish and Passover is one of our high holidays, like the equivalent to Christmas. And well she wants the whole family their. So I tell her I will see if I can change the date, and I look and see I can the next Friday is open. So I tell my team hey let's change it to the 29th? And some agreed, so I went to my grandma and told her I changed it. And it made her and the rest of my family not mad at me anymore. (Forgot to say everyone in my family was mad at me that I didn't check to see if we had a holiday that month.) But my best friend (President and other Co-founder) tells me that the dj's can't come that next week and we have been promoting that date, so why change it. So I'm here and I don't know what to do. Follow my dreams and piss off my family, or make my family happy and not go to the event that I need to be at that I planed so much to do. Opinions?
well that shows they have only care for themselves and maybe you should do the same. focus on yourself. I mean they won't be the one to be paying your bills every month, you have responsibilities and if doing this event bumps up your position I would chose your career
if your family knew how important this is to you, which looks like they don't, it shouldn't be a problem but since it is I'm going to tell you straight out to ditch your family and go to your event. Both things shape your lifeand some would dispute which is more important but in this situation I would choose career.
I agree with @MaighdlinS your family should be understanding of your career instead of giving you an ultimatum. building your career is important for your future and if your family wants to support you they need to understand. just remember to make some time for them as well don't forget they are still your family
@EthanGinsberg Here's the thing with your dream. It's the type of business that doesn't really recognize holidays. For what you want to do, there is no break. So your family is going to have to understand that there are going to be times that you are not going to be able to spend holidays with them. Now, in the future, you can try to plan around it. But sometimes, a lot of times, you're going to be in a situation where you are going to have to conform to the schedule of your performers. It's not like the two camera stores I go to here in NYC. I can't tell you have many times I have dragged myself to Manhattan, all giddy to pick up a new lens, and they're closed for the Sabbath. But they can do that because they own the stores. They make the schedule. You don't have that luxury. Also, this event, other people are relying on it to get paid. You booked it on Passover, not really thinking about the holiday in your excitement. So now you have to own it because it's not just you that you have to think about. I'm not saying this to sound uncaring to your family, but this is going to be one of those times where they are just going to have to be pissed.
this is going to sound harsh but you tell your family NO. If this is your dream they should be understanding enough to let this slide. Family get togethers you can do whenever.... running a business requires sacrifices and I think you better be at that Rave helping your people make the first event impressionable and profitable.
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