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"(Y/n)!!!!!" J-hope came running into the house. "What's up." I said stepping out of the kitchen. He came running to me and picked me up and started spinning me around. "I made it!" He said finally putting me down. "You made it!!! Really!" "Yea! I'm now a trainee for Big Hit Entertainment." "Never heard of it." "It's a small company." "Well who cares if it's big or small you did it babe!" J-hope had been practicing for weeks for the auditions and it finally paid off. He knew exactly what he wanted to do while I hadn't figured that out yet. "There's one thing though." "What's that?" "I have to live in a dorm with several other trainees." "Oh that makes sense." I went back to finish cooking our food. "Don't be upset ok." He said coming up behind me and hugging me. "I'm not. I promise." I turned off the stove and put the pan on the back burner. Then I turned around to face J-hope. "My Hope.....I love you." I said and pressed my lips against his. He kissed back. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I opened my mouth so he could get access. Our tongues had a battle with him winning. He slipped his hand under my shirt and started slowly moving up to my breast. He never made it that far though. "Hoseok sweetie are you home!" We quickly seperated. I became nervous. I hadn't met his parents yet and now that he was leaving I needed to get out of here. "Yea mom I'm in the kitchen." He said and then she appeared. "Oh we have company." She smiled at me. "Hi I'm Hoseok's mother Mrs. Jung. What's your name?" "My names (Y/n). I'm Hoseok's..." " Mom she's my girlfriend." J-hope said and held my hand. "Oh well nice to meet you." "Mom I hate to spring this on you now....but She is also using the spare room." "How long?" "It's been about a little over a month now." "How long have you been dating?" "Same a little over a month." "Hoseok....." "Mom she needed a place to go. Her parents kicked her out...there assholes...I couldn't let her stay on the street and I was not going to try to force her to beg her parents to take her back in." "Ok. Calm down dear..." She turned her attention to me. " I'm not upset dear. Just I don't want my son doing something that could destroy his future. If you get what I mean." "We haven't done anything. I promise....ok just kissing but that's it. I don't want to get in the way of Hoseok's dreams." Hoseok started laughing. "We're good kids mom. Also I'm moving out. I have to be at the dorms in a few days. I'm a trainee for Big Hit Entertainment." He was dropping bombs left and right. "I'll excuse myself." I said and walked out of the kitchen. I didn't need to be a part of it. They needed time anyways. I went to my room and pulled out my bag. I had been saving up money so now I had enough for a deposit on an apartment. Maybe I could get one close to the dorms he would be living at. After several minutes J-hope came upstairs. "Wanna eat" He said walking in my room with the food I had made. "Yes I am starving.' We sat there on my bed and ate quietly. Once we were done then did I talk. "Is everything ok?" "Yea don't worry babe." He leaned forward and kissed me. "Can you show me where your dorms are at tomorrow?" "Yea." He pressed his lips against mine again. He deepened the kiss but I didn't let it last long since his parents could walk by at any moment. "Hey we can't...your parents might..." "Oh come on were just kissing." He smiled. "No." I smiled back. He groaned and then he grabbed the plates and left my room. The next day J-hope and I went to where he'd be living. I told him my plan and he was more than happy to help. He wanted me closer to him and his parents house just wasn't close enough. We found a place and they were very helpful. Since I was paying right up front they said I could move in whenever so I gave the deposit and first month's rent to them and they gave me a key. I was surprised with how easy it was to get. Then We decided to just move me out of his parents the next day and he Would stay with me for the one day before he started training.
I figured I would update and then progress the story a little farther the next chapter. I hope you like it!!!!
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@ReynadeKpop I had a little writers block on how to move this one along to where I want it to be. so hopefully I'll update this one later in the week.
It's good!! ^^ also take your time with the updates I understand it takes long
I lovethe way you make this story moves with your emotions . Its really interesting and tense !
it's getting tense....... at least his mom is nice!!! 💛 part siiiiiiix!
Cute as always ❤️
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