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thaks to @PrettieeEmm for making this game
ICE CREAM AND CAKE (ok so I'll be honest that's all i know from them. mainly thanks to yugyeom and hobi for doing this dance)
um who thought this was a good idea
so i haven't listened to map.6 yet but i guess i should
alright i saw you in unpretty 2, i think this could work
what she do, why aren't we friends
aw hell yeah!
don't know who you are but damn those shoulders and those arms (also i was told that he's in mblaq which i will now go look up)
so those were my results! if you want to play here is the link: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1395687?shsrc=v and let me know what you got :)
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Oh, lucky u. Hyorin is like Korean Beyonce.
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