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Thank you @PrettieeEmm for the game!

Here are my results:

I dont know them? They look really cool though, so I'm not complaining.

One question: how would that work? I'm a girl, so I'm guessing I'd either be tomboyish or some kind of sex symbol in the videos???

This is good because I've always wanted to dance! I never had enough money to take classes though. So as long as they like my dying walrus moves, then we're good!!

I'm secretly dating my ultimate bias? YAAASSSSS


I don't even know you, chill ma chingu!

*pushes Mark aside* Jackson, we GOT THIS MA MAN YES. Sorry Mark *pulls Baekho over* but IT'S OUR TIME TO SHINE

Ooohhhh P.O Of course i'd be you, climbing your way up my bias list way faster than I thought


So I'm a dancer in 2pm and I'm secretly dating Hoseok. My partner in k-pop crime is Taiel and my rival is Ren (??). My sub-unit group is Baekho and Jackson and I've had a scandal with P. O.

I apologize for any mistakes! Let me know what you guys think!

@ashleyemmert I know who he is i just didn't know which one of all of them he was 😂
TAECYEON!!!! The one in the back sitting up looking all sexy in that gray sleeveless shirt showing off his guns
@jessicaacosta90 tell her about your father
well it just means you'd be the inky girl in a boy group!!! look them up you'll fall in love 😍😍
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