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Summary: Not your typical flowershop AU.
Members: Chanyeol X Reader (Babydoll)
Type: Action, Fluff, Angst
Length: 2,302
Your heart was hammering loudly in your chest and the throbbing of the blood pumping throughout your veins was the only sound you could hear. The palm that was practically clasping your chin and your mouth was cold, rough, and you could easily tell by the force exerted that he was being “gentle” with you. His voice was low and gruff as he used his knee to shove you forward towards the window, and you would have attempted to pull against him but he was too strong. You always thought that you would be someone to fight back and save yourself, but you found that your legs were like jelly and it wasn’t hard for your abductor to slam you against the glass of the window as he attempted to open it by pushing the latch to the other side. You vision was suddenly blurred by tears because at this point, you realized that you were actually scared for your life. You didn’t have to guess when your felt your hands being roughly shoved together and bound by metal to know that you were being handcuffed, and your chances of escape were slowly diminishing. You were so mad at yourself that you hadn’t slept downstairs on the couch with Chanyeol, you were well aware that your prince charming was at the kitchen table sorting through documents and websites. He wasn’t going to come up and save you because he had no idea what was happening to his princess, he didn’t know that the dragon had been hiding in your castle. But this wasn’t a fairytale, it was reality. You were the daughter of a Mafia Boss and you were currently being hunted, and this was the end. There was no prince climbing up your tower and saving you. All your doubts were proved false as you felt something hard collide with your attacker and you suddenly felt a weight being lifted off your body. You turned in astonishment to see that Chanyeol had not only knocked your attacker to the ground and was now kicking him with fury, but he had also grabbed the gun from his hands and had raised it to aim right at the man’s chest. You were shaking as you attempted to tear your gaze away from the violent scene, but it was already over as the man stopped struggling and instead passed out from all the pain. You didn’t know this, but Chanyeol had decided to bring you a glass of water and check up on you a few minutes after you went upstairs. He had opened the door to find the scene unveiling and he chucked the glass at the man’s head, which caused him to fall to the ground and that was when he was able to spring an attack. Chanyeol was breathing heavy as he walked around the room and collected some rope and duct tape, effectively tying the man up and then stashing him underneath your bed before checking the contents of his pockets and swearing loudly. Once he was semi satisfied with the job he had done, Chanyeol then turned his attention to you, and suddenly his scary image melted away at the sight of you. Your cheeks were streaked with tears and your hands were still bound by the handcuffs, your hair was a mess and you looked exhausted. A sigh left his lips as his eyes softened and he moved towards you to engulf you in a hug, he rubbed your back soothingly and told you that everything was okay now. He pulled away after a few seconds and alerted you that the two of you needed to leave permanently right now, the attacker had already alerted his gang to come over quickly. You simply nodded while sniffling and Chanyeol took your hand while he guided you out of the door, the two of you needed to leave everything behind except for some food and other important things. He quickly ran throughout the rooms, refusing to leave you behind after what had just happened. Chanyeol led you down the stairs after a few minutes with only your coats, weapons, his belongings, and a yellow folder that you had never seen before. As he was going through the ingredients and food in the cupboards and the fridge, you questioned him about the contents of the envelope, but he told you that it was only research that you didn’t need to look at. You brushed it off as nothing and when he lead you out through the back door, you were surprised to find that he went over to the car hidden in the bushes that the attacker had been using. He opened the door with the keys that he had taken from the man, and you then noticed that there was something familiar in his palms as well. He then searched through the vehicle before letting out a sigh of relief as he retrieved something that almost looked like a calculator. You stared at it in confusion, but Chanyeol merely shook his head and placed it back, locking the door once more and throwing the keys into the grass somewhere. He intertwined his fingers with your’s and continued to lead you into the darkness of the backyard, and this was when you questioned where he was taking you. At first he was silent because he was concentrating, however he then spoke up and told you that the two of you would be staying inside the greenhouse until the afternoon came. He then explained that before he had taken you here, the members of their gang, EXO, had set up some precautions that were needed at the farmhouse. The old greenhouse deep within the backyard was somewhere for an emergency escape, and that would be where the two of you would sleep for the night just until you could figure out what to do in the morning. He turned around to notice that you were shivering due to the cold, and he stopped to take his big coat and help you into it, making sure to zip it up afterwards as he kept walking. You were glad that it was dark out because not only could potential enemies not see the two of you, but Chanyeol also was unable to see how red your cheeks were. His black jacket was warm and it smelled of his rich cologne, and that made the whole journey into the woods a lot more enjoyable. He took you through rows of trees and trees until the two of you finally stumbled across the old and shabby looking greenhouse. Due to the fact it wasn’t near the house that had gotten burned down, it still remained intact however the glass roof had been recently replaced with a wooden one. Chanyeol took out a key from his pocket and unlocked the metal door before he opened it and let you go in first. It was surprisingly warm and you were surprised to find that there were rows and rows of empty ceramic pots. Your heart squeezed in a sudden feeling of love and familiarity, however Chanyeol was almost stoic as he walked in and pushed a rug away. You were too focused on the interior of small building to see him open up a trap door and usher you over, finally able to break you out of your thoughts by softly calling you. You turned and stared as he began to go down a small hidden staircase, and that inspired you to follow him, getting extremely close to his chest as you had to squeeze past him so that he could close the trap door and cover it once more with the rug. Your back was practically against his chest as he finished what he had to do and smiled a bit at how you waited patiently for him to take you down. He complied to your silent wish by taking your hand and walking with you down the stairs, and you were shocked to find a couple of mattresses and a little fridge, some chairs and even a television in the small shelter. Chanyeol told you to get some sleep as he placed a bunch of the things he had been carrying on a desk and sighed as he picked out the thing that had been in his clutch when he was searching through the stranger’s car. You decided not to question him about why he had the object, but when he told you that he would be right back, your heart began to race as you realized that he would be leaving. You immediately sat up and stared at him with wide eyes full of fear, demanding to know where he was going and why he had to leave you alone after everything that had just unfolded. He merely ran a hand through his hair as he gently sat on the bed you were on and took your hands in his, whispering that he was going to be back in only a few minutes and he would be as fast as possible. He told you not to worry and to get some sleep because when you woke up, he would be back and you wouldn’t have to be scared anymore. Your lips were trembling slightly as he slowly eased you into a lying position and said good night to you for the second time, kissing your hand like he always did and making sure to wait until you slowly entered the dreamworld. He then slowly walked to the staircase before leaving through the trap door and eventually the metal one, and that’s when he began to run much deeper into the forest. As fast as his long legs would take him, he didn’t stop even when he felt his lungs burning from the sudden activity. The male only slowed down when he reached a river that was hidden away and extremely secret, and that’s when he began to get to work. He constructed a small container made of leaves and litter that he had found decorating the bank of the river, and when he was done he added the finishing touch, your necklace. Without a second thought, Chanyeol tossed it into the water and watched with hatred as it began to travel down the stream and far away, knowing that it would get extremely far away from the two of you.-“Do you like flowers?” The soft voice caused you to look up from the tulips that your small hands had been tending to, and when you did you only saw a smile. When your eyes attempted to make out more details of this person’s face, you realized that it was simply blank. You couldn’t remember their facial features. When you paused to take a look around at your surroundings, you realized that you were in the greenhouse. It was a much different building however, the roof was made entirely of the see-through glass that you had expected when you first walked in with Chanyeol. You could easily look up at the puff white clouds and the bright blue sky despite the fact you were in the building. The racks of pots were no longer dead and filled with nothing but soil, they were instead flourishing with proud plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes. Something about the smell and fresh air told you that it was spring, and you felt as light as a feather as you took a deep inhale of the wonderful atmosphere. You simply felt at home here. After realizing that the person had asked you a question, you were snapped out of your thoughts before apologizing and responding. You shyly nodded your head and this person’s equally small hands held up a few packets of seeds and presented it to you, causing a smile to tug at your lips as well. “"Thank you, What’s your name?”“My name is - ”- You woke up slowly and you were completely at ease to see that Chanyeol was on the other mattress, his white shirt unbuttoned and revealing a slight peak of his torso. It was still dark in the room that the two of you were currently in and that allowed you to deduce that it was still early morning. You had never seen Chanyeol sleep due to the fact he was always awake when you were, so as you sat up and walked over to observe his state of mind, you were honestly taken aback. He looked so…peaceful. There was nothing for him to worry about when he was dreaming, there was no one to save or harm. His eyebrows weren’t furrowed and he wasn’t chewing on his bottom lip, he looked serene as you slowly climbed onto his bed and moved close to him. Despite the fact you had been underneath blankets, you were cold due to the fact the two of you were underground and it was an autumn morning. He reacted by slowly moving his arm to rest on your waist, gently bringing you even closer to him as he adjusted the blanket so that it covered your body as well. His eyes slowly opened as they gazed into yours and a smile slowly crossed his face as his voice laced with sleep spoke softly, telling you good morning. You smiled as well and began to explain that you had a dream and wanted to crawl into bed with him, but he merely shushed you gently and told you that he was perfectly okay with it. He softly whispered for you to go back to bed, and after adjusting your position slightly, you closed your eyes once more and cuddled close to your prince charming. Maybe you would get your happy ending after all.

Credit: exobtsimagination

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