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Tattoo Idea!
This is just me ranting because I just really want to share this..
I'm not old enough to get a tattoo yet, but when I am, I really want to get this as a tattoo! It's the symbol of EXO attached to the symbol of my favorite jrock band, the GazettE. Both of these groups have helped me keep going in life and have given me much happiness in life despite my harsh depression. I want it on my left wrist, right above the vein that leads straight to the heart.
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that's awesome! i think if it means something to you than go for it :)
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Those are two of my favorite groups. The Gazette saved my life a few years ago. Haha, I wasn't as happy as I am now so they really helped me go though it.
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Kpop in general just kinda filled in the rest of the gaps in my heart that the Gazette couldn't. So I'm really thankful for the two
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@KDluvR1999 That's exactly what happened with me too. It's amazing what one group can do to change your life.
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