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Now dont get me wrong. Theres a great number of anime that are so good that i wouldn't be able to oder them from best to worst. They would all just tie for number 1. BUT if I had to choose a number one anime it would be Nichijou. This anime holds a special place in my heart. It made me laugh more than any other anime. It was probably the most entertaining anime and I've watched it more than any other anime. Its also the anime I watch to use as listening practice when studying japanese. I just thought I'd show you all some Gifs of this wonderful anime and if you haven't seen it I definitely recommend.
In shock
So nervous!
Hilariously exaggerated emotions
Rock paper scissors
Its Sakamoto!
Awesomely animated chase scenes
More chase!
Num num! professor loves her omelets
I hoped you liked my gifs! whats your favorite anime? And feel free to share with me some of your gifs!
Because every time I see a deer, I don't want to shoot it, I want to give it a German suplex.
This one is so hilarious
@CraigNess It deffidently seems Hiilarious but my favorite gif is the cat! Sakamoto, right???
@LucyOfFairyTail this is my fav anime
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