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guess who's the real ship in moorim school
so guys I started watching moorim & I love it so far so thank you guys for getting me to watch it anyhoo so as I was watching a few episodes like when yoon shi woo (I think) & wang chi ang (I think) went to climb moorim peak the guys bonded so much that......*drumroll*..... shi woo & chi ang are the real ship in moorim school so it yoonwang lol im so tried & weird
sents I ship the guys (hahaha im so weird) who do you ship in moorim school tell me in the comments below (lol my parents probably think im weird & mess up right now)
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I ship Shi Woo and Chi Ang, too! They have so much chemistry! I also ship Soon Deok and Seon Ah. xD
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@JenGambale yeah im not the only one. shi woo kind of looks like luhan & GD & baekhyun. awesome
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