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BTS Sleep Over Results!
I couldn't resist.... The adventure seemed too great! ❤❤ Let's do this! :*
Kookie? Well, I'm not doing anything else tonight so might as well! ❤ Thank you for thinking about me though.... *blushes*
Wait a minute- was all this your idea in the first place?
So that's why you invited me huh? e.e
Ah, my favorite game! :D There absolutely nothing that can go wrong if you suggest it Jimie ❤❤
I take that back immediately.... *blushes brightly*
Awwee! Yoongi will protect me, right? ❤❤
Well, I guess I can't complain ❤❤
Wait wut? It was that kiss that seduced me.... ❤❤
What a night! ❤❤ Shout out to the original card! Keep 'em coming!
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