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Chapter 7: Awoken.

"Good morning, Jakyung-ah." I called to her as she ran out of the front door. I sighed to myself as I saw her run away. Even though, I have tried to assure her that I am there for her, she still ignores me. I have tried to talk to her but she gives me one syllable answers. I felt sad that she felt that she couldn't talk to me. It kind of hurt my feelings. But....I'm sure she has a reason for all this. Looking to my left, I glance at the clock on the wall. "Crap! I'm going to be late." I grabbed my backpack and headed for the door. After locking my door, I ran down the stairs and down the street. I couldn't help but worry about Jakyung. She never avoided me like this. It broke my heart. I really want to believe she likes me but...with all this, I'm not so sure anymore. "Taehyung-oppa!" I hear a girl say behind me. Turning, I see Hyun-Eui running up behind me. I tensed automatically but me being my kind self, I wait for her. "Hey, Hyun-Eui-sshi." I wave. "How are you?" She asks, walking next to me. "I'm good..." My voice trailed. "You sure about that?" She raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. Don't worry about it." I told her as we stopped in front of the school gate. "Well, I'll see you in homeroom." I say, trying to hurry off. "Wait~" She grabbed my wrist delicately. What is up with this woman and skinship? "Yes?" I asked, turning to look at her. "I'm having a party at my house this weekend...I was wondering if you would like to come." She asks, hopefully. "Uhh....I don't know." I look away. "You could even bring that friend of yours." She sneered slightly on 'friend'. She said the word with so much distate, it worried me. What did she have against Jakyung? "Uhh....okay. Maybe. If I can convince her to go with me." I tell her. She smiled, it was somewhat demonic looking. Like she had a plan in mind. "Good. See you there~" She mused, walking away. I shook my head and released a breath I didn't know I was holding. Why did she make me so uncomfortable? And what was that sneer about? What did she have against Jakyung? All those questions swirled in my head as I started walking to the front door of the school. 'Whatever....I'll deal with this later. Now, I have class.' I said, opening the door....yet. . . . . . . . I couldn't help but wonder. What was Jakyung and Hyun-Eui's relationship like? (Just a little filler chapter! Hope this spiked your curiosity.....just a little.)
I still think that Hyun-Eui had something to do with her house burning down...I really don't like her. I hope Tae and Jakyung start talking again like they use too
I just wanna put them both in a room, and tell them they can't leave until they both confess! lol Love your story! I can wait until the next chapter.
this story is good👌👍 poor V, being ignored😔 tag me in the next story
yay I can't wait for more😊
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