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Original game by my fellow thunder buddy @KhrystinaLee
Captures your heart Dang it @ElleHolley he's at it again!
Steals you away I can live with that. I was called an alien earlier today.
Calls you every night before you fall asleep. Awe v!
Carries you home when you're drunk. Dang v I like you!
Steals a kiss from you unexpectedly. You don't have to steal it's already yours.
Really just wants to get your attention. You have it Hobi! Always you are my hubby!
Your Valentine hurray! DAMN IT YOONGI! @PretieeEmm somehow I knew this would happen....
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I am checking it out right now! Thanks 馃槝 @NasiaWright
2 years agoReply
no problem boo @ashleyemmert 馃憣馃拫.馃榿
2 years agoReply
omg awesome results!!
2 years agoReply
I know I wish it were true 馃槶@sosoaloraine23
2 years agoReply