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You're capturing my heart by singing a backstreet boys song right now...oh yessss...
Awww...V serenading me
Really......that's very sweet of you.
HAHAHAHA! Looks like I am the one causing trouble this gentle JHope
You're serious about this, aren't you?
HAHA! Awww...poor NamJoon just wants my attention so he writes a song for me. That's adorable.
JHOPE for the WIN! He makes a come back after V taking over!
V 😍😍😍😍
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V is really all up in your face @KhrystinaLee
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JHOPE we need to have a talk
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yeah, V apparently wants my attention more than Rap Mon! Actually, one of the V pics was supposes to be kookie, but I screwed it up and had to retake it. 😒😒
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