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Ultimate Kpop Dream Life Screenshot Game: RESULTS
I picked that gif because I can lol Game by: @PrettieeEmm Original Card: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1395687?shsrc=v
Woohoo I really like them anyway. I just don't want to be on the receiving end of Niel's flying kicks.
DANCER?!?!?! Somebody pray for me and the cameraman. At this rate I will end up on the receiving end of Niel's flying kicks.
Hi cutie! Why in secret? Oh I know why. *whispering* Chanyeol.
This is a good fit. I'm always up to no good.
What did I do to you? E.L.E Everybody Love Everybody
Please don't make me dance.
Nooooooo that's not okay. Scandals are for bad noodles. I'm a good noodle. Tagging my #thunderbuddies @KhrystinaLee @ashleyemmert @PrettieeEmm @jessicaacosta90 @JaiiPanda
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great so cute, adorable
2 years agoReply
And I stole that gif because I can @ElleHolley
2 years agoReply
You are definitely the baddest kind of noodle@ElleHolley
2 years agoReply
@ashleyemmert bad in a good way right
2 years agoReply
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