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what to wear on Dinner date? Are you planning to impress your lady love? Planning to take her out for a dinner date? Then dressing up properly and formally is must. Perfect pair of boots, formal coat, with shirt and pants. You need to look like a gentleman.
what to wear for Casual Date ? For this the outfit should be very simple. You could wear a t-shirt or a simple shirt with denim jeans. This would give a very casual look. Choose a matching belt and comfortable pair of shoes.
what to wear for Movie Date? To look best for a movie date wear something that is very trendy and stylish. Wear a branded t-shirt such as Next, Lacoste, Giordano etc. Do not wear formal clothes for a movie date. Keep it very simple.
Cool Valentine’s Day Outfits Combinations for Men 2016
Thanks for tagging me @nicolejb! This is perfect! And I totally agree with you. I like when a guy adds a bit of sophistication to his casual look like a pair of loafers and s hat with something a bit more casual.
@RitikaDas thank you for making it:D
yup sure I'll do and thank u for liking those collection :)
Amazing @RitikaDas :) feel free to tag me if you make any more!
picked from some best designer collection which I liked the most @nicolejb
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