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Five days later and I have yet to hear from Tae. He warned me that his parents would take his phone as soon as he got there, and the lack of communication was proving this to be true. I wasn’t the only one worried about him though. The other BTS members were just as worried as I was, if not more. All of their concerts and events were put on hold, the whole group was pretty much put on hiatus. No one knew when he would be back. If he never did, that would be a sure sign that he was not able to persuade his parents. We didn’t like to think about that possibility, but the thought definitely popped into my head multiple times as the days went by. Most of our days were spent lying around the dorm, since the members didn’t have practice, and I would go to work in the morning, and come back in the early afternoon. After that, I didn’t have anything else to do. We were essentially lost without Tae. Even if it didn’t seem like he held the group together that much, he was the one who could make everyone laugh, who could be a neutralizer in an argument. Now that he was gone, bickering increased, and smiles decreased. I tried my best to ease the tension in the house, but I just wasn’t him. No one could ever replace him. I sat on the couch unconsciously playing with the ring on my finger. It definitely did its job. Every time I looked at, I would remember him, my hope would be renewed that he would come back. He promised he would. A car door slammed shut outside, and everyone ran to the front door. It was our neighbor. This happened quite a bit. A car door would slam, and we would all rush to the front door, hoping it was him. But it never was.
“Paisley, I love you so much, to the moon and back a million times. I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I don’t care what the fans say. I don’t care what the gossip says. I don’t care. I need you. I want you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”
His words played in my head like a broken record. Night time was cold and lonely, and I only slept about four hours a night. I knew I looked awful, but why did I care?
My phone began to ring, and I instantly recognized Tae’s ringtone.
“Hello? Tae? Are you back?”
“This is Taehyung’s mother.” My heart sunk at the woman’s sharp voice.
“Hello ma’am.”
“Is this Paisley.” I had to hold back laughter at her pronunciation of my name.
“Yes it is.”
“I just wanted to inform you that Taehyung is fine, but he’s staying with us from now on.”
“You do know he’s engaged right?”
“As far as I’m concerned, my son is not engaged.”
“I see.” I was struggling to keep back both my anger and tears.
“That is all. Goodbye.” She abruptly hung up on me.
“JAYC!” She came running fro the kitchen.
“What? What? Why do you sound so angry?”
“Track this call.” Her lips curled into a sly smirk.
“You got it sis.”
“Daegu, that’s where that call was placed. Wait where are you going?”
“To that address, and you’re coming with me. Namjoon! Jin! Get dressed!” They blinked at me in confusion. “Just do it!” Not wanting to set me off any further, they ran to their rooms to get ready. When they were ready, I grabbed the car keys, and walked outside to the car.
“So where exactly are we going?” Namjoon asked as I pulled out of the neighborhood.
“To get Tae.”
“What do you mean get Tae? You don’t even know where he is.”
“Sure I do,” I said, pointing at the GPS, which was in the middle of informing me of my next turn.
“His mother called me. I had my sister track the call.”
“You can do that?!”
“She can do a lot of things you don’t know.” She gave him an innocent smile.
“I did break into the airport system back home to get my flight to South Korea. I paid of course!” She added at Jin and Namjoon’s slightly alarmed expression.
“You two are really scary you know.” I smirked.
“Oh we’re well aware of that.”
“I almost feel sorry for Tae and Jungkook,” Jin chuckled.
“You’ve got the brains and you've got the brawn.”
“I wouldn’t take it that far Joonie. I’m not exactly the brawn. It’s more like brain smart, and common sense smart. My sister handles the facts, I handle the theories.”
“You sound like you guys are a spy team.”
“No, we just have brains.”
“Remind me not to get on your bad side.”
“You won’t need me to remind you.”
Three hours later, we pulled up in front of a large house.
“So this is where Tae lives.”
“You never knew?”
“Nope. He would always visit his parents alone.”
“Well let’s go get him,” Jaycee said.
“Jin and Namjoon should stay behind until I say so.”
“She’ll recognize you guys. It’ll blow our cover.” They nodded, understanding my reasoning.
Jaycee and I walked up the long walkway to the front door, and I rang the doorbell.
“Hello?” I recognized the woman from pictures Tae had shown me of his family.
“Hi, I’m Noreen Keys from the home owner’s association of this neighborhood. Me and my assistant, Darcy Jacobsen, are doing a survey on the residence of this neighborhood about the living conditions here. We want to take suggestions for improvements, and know what people here enjoy about the neighborhood.”
“Oh! Come in! Come in! I’m very impressed with your Korean.”
“Thank you. I’ve been living here for almost three years, and I learned pretty quickly.”
“Who is it Mom?” Tae. My heart craved to see him, but I had to keep my guard up.
“Oh just a couple of representatives from the home owner’s association.” He walked out of the kitchen, but froze when his eyes met mine. I furiously shook my head and held a finger to my mouth when his mother had her back turned. He gave me a slight nod before turning to his mother.
“I can make some tea for you guys.”
“Oh Tae that would be wonderful.” Was this really the same woman I talked to on the phone? The same woman who took Tae away from me? He disappeared into the kitchen, and his mother led us to the living room. We talked, and I asked her a few questions about random home stuff. Half an hour later, she stood up from the couch.
“I’m afraid I have to leave for an appointment, but if you have anymore questions, my son will gladly answer them.” Strange that she would trust us enough to leave us alone with her son.
“Thank you so much for your time. I just have a few more questions that I will ask him quickly before I leave.”
“It was nice meeting you Noreen and Darcy.” She left the house, and I immediately set off to find Tae. I ran into his arms as soon as I saw him.
"Jagi," he breathed.
"Tae you have to come home."
"I can't leave my parents Jagi. I can't persuade them to let me leave."
"That's what I'm here for."
"But really Jagi? A representative from the home owners' association?" He laughed at my disguise.
"Got me in here didn't it?"
"True." The front door opened and slammed closed.
"Taehyung!" That was his mom. "I knew it." She had burst into the kitchen before we had time to get away from each other. Namjoon and Jin followed behind her, their heads down. "These two were parked in front of the house. Of course I was curious as to how they knew where you lived. However, I wasn't expecting her to be the one."
"Mother please."
"No Taehyung. There's nothing you can say to change my mind."
"Mrs. Kim, I think he deserves to be heard out."
“You watch your tongue when speaking to someone older than you.”
“Don’t talk to her like that.” Her eyes widened at Tae’s disrespect.
“I will talk to her how I please. Remember, I am the one you are trying to persuade.”
“Not anymore.” I turned to look at Tae. I could tell he was hiding his anger from his mother’s plain sight, but the tone of his words revealed his true emotions. “I leave, and you disown me. I stay, and I disown myself.”
“No Tae don’t say things like that,” I said.
“I’m not about to be held against my will by my own parents! They want me to stay that badly, then I’m removing myself from the family.”
“Your family is more important than me Tae, please-”
“I agree. Family overcomes little play toys,” his mother scoffed.
“Now wait a minute. What happened to me having to come home? I thought you were here to take me away from my family?” I hesitated.
“I came here to fight for you, but I could never take you from your family.”
“You liar. You took him from us when you started dating.”
“If that was true, he wouldn’t have come back to you when you told him to!” I exclaimed. “It doesn’t even make sense. He told me how much you guys supported his career choice. What changed so suddenly?”
“His future is doomed if he continues down the path he’s on. He didn’t go to college, he can’t get a worthy, notable job, and no decent woman would ever marry someone whose future is condemned to fail.”
“You told me none of that was important. You never cared about those things. You just wanted me to be happy, so you stood by me through everything. It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore. My parents from a few months ago are gone.” I studied her face for some kind of reaction. Her eyes widened slightly in fear, guilt.
“What’s Tae’s favorite color, Mrs. Kim?”
“What kind of ludicrous question is that?”
“Just answer it.”
“What is his biggest dream?”
“To become the best idol he can be.”
“Wrong. His dream has nothing to do with his career.”
“I want to make my parent’s happy,” he muttered. “I told you that when I signed the contract. That was one of the few times I’ve ever cried.”
“Seems like that would be something pretty memorable, but you forgot. Or did you even know?”
“Of course she knew Jagi. It was long ago. Maybe she thought I changed it.”
“Yes! I thought that he would have changed it to something with his career since he’s been away from us.”
“Why would you think that? Tae always talks about how important family is to him.”
“Jagi where are you going with this?”
“She’s not your mother.”
“What?!” All but my sister had yelled in shock. Everyone in the room was looking at me.
“Pais that’s going a little too far,” Namjoon tried to reason.
“No.” Everyone turned to look at my sister. “It makes perfect sense.”
“How could you accuse me of not being my son’s mother?” I pulled out my phone and found the picture of his parents.
“Mrs. Kim’s eyes are wider set than yours. Plus, she doesn’t have a freckle on her chin.” I watched Tae’s eyes scrunch in confusion, then widen as he took a step back.
“Who are you?”
“Well I guess the cat’s out of the bag.” Namjoon and Jin quickly restrained her, gripping onto each arm.
“Where are my parents!?” His rage was building up.
“Oh your father has been here all along. He gave in to me quite easily. The bitch was the hard one. So I had her hidden.” I saw Namjoon point at her purse. The phone. I gave him the slightest nod, and he discreetly slid it out. He tossed it to me, causing the lady to cry out in surprise.
“Jayc.” I slid her the phone.
“On it.”
“What do you think you’re doing?”
“In a matter of minutes, we will have everything there is to know about you. Any calls you’ve made, where you placed them. Locations you’ve traveled to; things you’ve searched on the internet. You messed with the wrong girl.”
“What are you? A spy?”
“Not at all. I didn’t even go to college.”
“How did you even figure me out?!”
“It really wasn’t that hard. You completely changed personalities as soon as you found out who I was. The woman I talked to on the phone is you. The woman I talked to on the couch is your disguise. You’re not very good at keeping your personality consistent.” She snarled at me.
“Location of Mrs. Kim found and sent to the police. She’ll be retrieved in a few minutes.
“Why didn’t you just get her yourselves?”
“I told you-”
“Eun Rhee. Age 23, lives in Daegu just down the street. Father is a businessman, mother is a florist. She’s 165 centimeters and weighs 55 kilograms. Shall I go further?”
“So this isn’t what you really look like. Anyways, we’re not spies, or police, or agents. I’m just a woman getting her fiancé back. I just happen to be smart. And so does she,” I shrugged.
“You ruined everything!”
“Why? What was your purpose of doing this?”
“Tae is too good to marry a foreigner like you!” She screeched. “It’s only right for him to marry someone worthy of him!” I winced at her words.
“I find that to be something for me to decide on my own. Who I believe is “worthy” of marrying me is my opinion, not yours.”
“You can’t marry her Tae. It’s not true love! You can’t love her!”
“Why? Because you want me to love you?” The comment slapped her in the face, and shut her up.
“Police are here to take her,” Jaycee announced when the doorbell rang.
“Get her out of my sight.”
“Why Tae? Why don’t you love me instead?! I want you...” Tears fell from her eyes, and I almost pitied her. Almost.
“If your love for me is merely the desire to possess, then it’s not love.” Seems like my savageness was rubbing off on him. We watched her get dragged away by the police. We would never see her again.
“Tae your mother has just arrived. They examined her on the trip here, and she’s perfectly fine.”
“Tae!” They embraced, and I couldn’t help but smile at their reunion.
“Taehyung? What’s going on?”
“Father? Mom is back.” He threw his briefcase on the floor, and ran to hug his family.
“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry. This was all my fault. I couldn’t stand up to her.”
“But Tae, how did you figure it out.”
“You have my fiancé to thank for that,” He said pointing at me. I blushed as they turned to look at me.
“Wait, Fiancé?!” They looked so shocked, they seemed angry. I began to fear his real mother wouldn’t approve either, until she began to bounce up and down with joy. She ran over to me, and began ‘inspecting’. “Now Tae. How did you manage to win over such a pretty girl? She has such a small face, and her eyes are so pretty! I’m jealous.”
“Thank you Mrs. Kim,” I stuttered.
“Yah! Why is it such a surprise that I’m engaged to Pais?!” He pouted.
“Honestly surprised he’s engaged in general,” his father muttered to Jin and Namjoon.
“He didn’t force you into this did he? You’re not being held against your will?”
“No not at all,” I chuckled. I truly love him with all my heart.”
“Has he treated you well?” His mother asked narrowing her eyes.
“Mother,” Tae groaned.
“How about we all go out to eat, and you four can catch us old folk up.”
We spent the rest of the evening with Tae’s parents, and we were relieved to be told that they approved of the marriage. We told them everything. How we met, our first date, the miscarriage, the proposal.
“What happened to my brother and sister?”
“I took them to a nanny. I couldn’t let them be victims of that lady. We’ll pick them up tomorrow morning.” It grew late, and we needed to get back home because BTS had an event tomorrow morning.
“It was nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Kim,” I bowed.
“Please take good care of our Tae for us,” she smiled sweetly at me.
“I will trust me,” I promised before pecking his cheek.
I had my Tae back, and that’s all I could ever ask for.
“Everything is perfect Jagi,” he whispered pulling me closer as we laid in bed. “I have you as my fiancé, my parents and friends love you, even though we don’t have a child, we have Arra. I’m living each day to the fullest, doing what I love, what I’m passionate about, with the best number one fan I could ever have.”
“What would you do if I died my hair black?”
“I would kill you. I’m the only who touches the hair dye in this family.”
“Alright Tae. If you say so,” I chuckled.
“You were pretty bad astronaut out their Jagi.”
“Did you just use astronaut in place of a cuss word?”
“It doesn’t count! I didn’t cuss!”
“Well I was gonna punish you differently this time, but I guess you don’t want me to,” I pouted.
“Depends on what you mean by differently.” I could see his eyes begin to fill with lust.
“I think you know what I mean by different Tae,” I whispered.
“Then get your ASS over here, and let me prove that I can make you incapable of walking,” he growled.
It’s stupid to expect love to be easy. Especially if it’s meant to be. There are always obstacles getting in between you and the one you love. But that’s how you know it’s true. You get through each and every one together, and you become unstoppable.
So raise your hand if you completely forgot about Arra 🙋🏼 oops. It's ok she came back after like 8 chapters xD. Next chapter is it guys. Might do an epilogue, might not. I've had a blast going on this journey with all of you guys, and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I'm pretty excited about the next chapter, and my next story, which if you haven't heard yet, it will be Kookie. I've already decided a name for the main character, and I think I'm pretty confident on what her personality will be. Definitely different from Pais. You guys might get kinda frustrated with her. Honestly, you will be very frustrated with her, but I promise it all turns out good in the end. Haven't made the decision to try an angst story without a happy ending. Remember to vote for your favorite wedding dress if you haven't yet! Do it here! --------> WEDDING TIMEundefinedundefined
I also was curious as to to how many words my story was all together, and I almost died. It was apprx. 37,000. Like that's more words than probably all of my high school essays combined.
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