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Other shows I watch includes: Lucifer Teen wolf Supernatural Arrow El hotel de los secretos (the hotel of secrets) Criminal minds Ghost whisperer The 100 The bachelor/ ette Samantha who? They are great (in my opinion) 馃榿馃槃!! I recommend people to watch them !!!
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I used to watch TeenWolf. The first few seasons I loved, but then I fell off. Not because I started disliking it but I got into so many other shows I forgot to play catch-up. Lol.
@BeannachtOraibh I know you've seen Lucifer :D I'm sure you can describe how awesome it is better than me haha @kuzuri96 I'll try not to spoil you haha I'm also watching The 100 @Marichel I LOVE IT
@dominika @LadyLuna Lucifer is fantastic...a little like Loki, but so much more...erm, pleasurable...not so much dark and brooding as dark and playful. Definitely a delicious adaptation!
@BeannachtOraibh Ooh, sounds delicious :p added to watchlist!
Ohhh I've been meaning to ask if anyone else is watching Lucifer! I absolutely adore Tom Ellis in the role. (I loved him in a few movies and in Rush and Fox cancelled that on me. *pout*) I really like how they're pulling this one off!