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Love this screenshot game originally by @PrettieeEmm :3 I found it from @Isolate You can find the game here: So here are my results!
So I debut with APink, which I am very happy with. (Pretty happy with all of my results actually) 를 보낼 수 없
So I'll be lead vocal, which works for me, since I love singing. :3
Yup. Secretly dating Jongin. I'm grinning like a stupid person.
I can see Seungri and I having fun together. I'm much less obvious about my "crime" though ;)
Why Kevin?! Lol, maybe we have a singing rivalry or something. *shrug* (though if I'm secretly dating Kai, maybe my rival should be D.O, lol, that might be too scary)
So with 2PM's Panda and Ailee. I can deal with that!
I don't even want to know what happened. bb woozi. 😑👶🏻😑
So, I'm pretty happy singing in APink and secretly dating Kai. Getting to sub-unit with Ailee and Jun.K is cool too. Lots of vocals! So, I'm happy with my results, if you do the screenshot game, tag me! I'd love to see your results!
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haha it was a dating scandal. I should out that up Lol.. love that you got ailee and jun.k