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From left to right Top Row: Tsukiumi from Sekirei, Mio from MM, LaLa from To Love Ru Middle Row: Shiho and Shirigami from Jitsu wa watashi wa, Taiga from Toradora, Yoko from Gurren Lagann Bottom Row: Eris from Cat Planet Cuties, Ryuko from Kill la Kill, Akame from Akame ga kill I dont think I have to explain why this is the perfect harem. It has it all. Whats your harem?
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=u= because it is cruel to anime girls to only pic a few when there are so many gorgeous ones. I could never tell my fellow 2D waifus that i favor others over them or that that they didn't even make my initial list. I must consider their feelings too. I choose them all. Gotta catch them all.
...except that one girl who is a guy.
@sanRico that's why you should stay away form that type
@JeffreySligar but i like her
Rias and Hinata