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Who's Your BTS Valentine: Screenshot Game (My Results)
Original Card & Tagged By: @KhrystinaLee Also Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90

Captures Your Heart

Yes he did, from day one

Steals You Away

You mean TRIES to steal me away, sweet merciful leprechauns is he trying!!!

Calls You every Night Before You Fall Asleep

HELP HELP HELP!!!! This youngin is too much for me!!!!

Carries You Home When You're Drunk

My hero!!!! I feel a list shift coming!!

Steals A Kiss From You Unexpectedly

Hobi we've been over this!! You don't have to steal kisses, I give them to you freely!!

Really Just Wants To Get Your Attention

*Runs away covering eyes* I can't see you!!! @jessicaacosta90 Found another one!!!


My heart!!! Jin you're killing me!!!! Stop being adorable!!!!

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

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I shall have a very intent talk with JungKook 😏
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