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I only know their name, are they good?
*laughs* With my grace that resembles a drunk penguin? Unlikely. 😏
Funny, linguistically talented, cute... Yeah, I'm okay with that. 😏
She's from Miss A, right? Didn't she visit Heechul and his TV wife on We Got Married? She seemed pretty cool then. :3
Don't kill me but... which group is he from? *hides*

Who you form a sub-unit with

Yeeees, Amber my girl!! :D Love her, she's awesome! Don't know who James is, though, sorry.
What kind of scandal are we talking? No matter, Aron's great, I'm sure he's worth getting into any kind of scandal with. 😏
Interesting K-Pop life. x3 Quick question: Why does Vingle let one use only recently saved pictures and not your entire photo library? ☹
Block B will be the best thing to ever happen to you if you let them in😍😍... Or they will ruin you, but what kpop group doesn't. Oh and James is from Royal Pirates their music type is more rock based, their also really goodπŸ’•πŸ’•
@CristelaLoz Ah, thank you for the info! :D