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Original Card By: @KhrystinaLee Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90

Has Dinner With You

Cooks and serves you home made mandu Aww Ravi!! You're adorable & you cook, win-win for me.

He decorates the house with you

Takes you to see the New Year Parade and Dragon Dance Is this why you helped me decorate Hyuk? Just to get out of the house?

He holds your hand the whole time

Hugs you from behind while holding your hand and lighting lanterns together No complaints here, & now I have the reason why Hyuk helped with decorating. Noona is sorry Hyukie!! Lets all go to the parade!!

He stays up as late as he can with you cuddling

Awww Leo!!!! Could you be more precious?!?!

Falls asleep on your shoulder

Poor baby!!! All tuckered out from cooking I suppose. Shhh Leo, Ravi needs sleep too. I can cuddle & be a pillow at the same time.

Confesses his love for you ( Lunar New Year Sweetheart)

Wait! What?! Leo why are you dragging me outside?! A confession?! Sweet merciful leprechauns! I'm not ready! Nope, my heart can't take this! *dies- comes back- dies again*

Happy Lunar New Year Vingle Fam!!!!

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

@KhrystinaLee @JiyongLeo actually got me into VIXX, and quite recently. She lured me down the rabbit hole with a carrot! Now I'm stuck here with no hope of escaping. ..But Ravi's down here, and Hongbin too... so I'm ok.
@Helixx I actually have several girls asking me to tag them now. I don't know when the next screen shot game will be after valentines...
@Helixx @JiyongLeo shit! why didn't you say so? I've created several games under my Kpop Game folder, please join in. and I have a new VIXX game coming out soon.
@Helixx @JiyongLeo did I not tag either of you in the main card?! 미안 해다
@Helixx no I have not
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