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Get a box of tissues and get ready for a good cry with the 10 best sad Korean movies. The ten best sad Korean movies are a mix of coming of age and romance stories that explore the depths of human emotions with images of love lost, family and war. No matter how tough you may think you are; it's tough to watch any one of the ten best sad Korean movies without shedding a tear.

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The Korean version of Ghost. Summer Scent ohhhhh tear jerker alert. Autumn in my heart. Vineyard Man is good one. More than Blue. East of Eden. Man in Love. What's Up featuring Big Bang's Daesung. The Man from Nowhere, Pinnocio, Emergency Couple(?) I think that's the name of it. These are a few of my favs.
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@JackieMurrayCab Most of them are TV Drama series.. not movies :)
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Ugh I had to watch Taegukgi + JSA + Peppermint Candy in the same week for a Korean film class...what a rough week that was
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OMG HELLO GHOST. I saw that when it played at the movie theatre in MoMA in NYC and the entire theatre was sobbing
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@kpopandkimchi i was in tears.. that too after the climax twist.. i could nt even control my emotions.. awesome movie !!!
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