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Hello, fellow Starlights! ❤️ We all love those posts where people try to predict how our favorite idols would react in certain scenarios, don't we (I sure do)? Lately, I've thought a lot about how members of my favorite groups would fight in a one-on-one battle and how one would need to approach a fight with them. And since VIXX is my most favorite group, I thought they would be a good place to start. Tell me if you think any of my analyses are off and don't represent the member accurately. This is not necessarily about someone picking a fight with them but more about what they'd do if they were to fight in a competition. Anyway, here we go! All of these scenarios will start with the Maknae and end with the oldest member. :) Hope you like them.

Hyuk :: 한상혁

Hyuk isn't called the Giant Maknae for nothing. This kid must have eaten a ton of spinach in the last few years because he has become quite the force of nature. His hyungs are left in the dust whenever they try to pick on him these days. Do not let his cute little duckling smile fool you! Approach with serious caution and be constantly vigilant, or he'll knock you down before you even realize what hit you. Most likely Winner Hyuk

Hongbin :: 이홍빈

Especially recently with his work on the drama Moorim School, Hongbin has proven that he can fight his own battles. He's not the type to start a fight but given the right provocation and/or motivation, he will go against you with everything he's got, to prove that he's not someone to be messed around with. Just be careful not to touch his face or Hongbin won't be the only one kicking your behind. Most likely Winner Unclear

Ravi :: 김원식

Despite his impressive body and his tough rapper image, I believe Ravi would try to avoid a fight and plead with his opponent not to do this. In the "appearance/actual murder drive" scenario he would fall under "Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll". Don't get me wrong, he would defend himself if attacked but he would do his best not to hurt his opponent. Most likely Winner Opponent

Ken :: 이재환

When approached by his opponent, Ken would look at them, asking "Are you serious? You're just joking, right?" and try to laugh it off. Once he realizes his opponent is serious about the fight, however, he would quickly panic and start kicking and punching all over the place, all-the-while letting out his infamous pterodactyl screech. Most likely Winner Opponent

Leo :: 정택운

Three words: Taekwondo Level 4. Leo's peaceful resting face may make him look like a harmless hamster but come at him and his opponent would bite the dust before he can say Quidditch. Plus, that spinning Taekwondo jump kick (no idea what you actually call that)? Yeah, he can do that. Most likely Winner Leo

N :: 차학연

Cha Hakyeon is one of the sweetest angels on the entire planet. N wouldn't have to fight for himself (not that he would want to), legions of Starlights (myself included) would do it for him. Where with Hongbin the rule would be not to touch his face, with N the rule would be not to even wrinkle an inch of his clothing or every Starlight in the world would personally hunt his opponent down and skin them alive. Most likely Winner Starlights
So, what do you guys think? Yay? Nay?

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