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Guess What...
It's another screenshot Game!!! Its called Ultimate Kpop Dream Life Screenshot Game.Thanks to @ashleyemmert for showing me this game and thanks to @PrettieeEmm for creating this game. Now.... my results
NOOOOOOOO. *Has short mental break down* WAE!?!?!?!
I had to do this one twice because I couldn't tell who the other person was the first time. @PrettieeEmm if you read this please tell me. But Im happy I'm in a sub group with Vernon and Sunggyu. We all gonna be best buddies!!
That's fine.
The only thing im mad about is that Kevin is my rival. it makes me sad. But the game was still fun to play. You people should play too!
The guy for the who you would be in a sub-unit is My man Bang Yongguk. The leader of B.a.p 馃槃
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@Xiuyeolhyun lol. You got a pretty good one except for that Kevin being your rival part 馃槀
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@BangsterLife Thats what I thought. i just wasn't sure
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@ashleyemmert I know!!! Im so sad
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