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yes you are

and so adorably cute that I can't even breathe

seriously your hair....jealous of your hand that touches it

don't wink at just heart

wait how he get in go away

seriously top stop creepin'

don't do that...jiyong will get upset

what GD is back being cute and knocked Top back to the number 2 spot in my heart

awe GD forever number 1. but seriously my heart won't stop beating so fast when I see you

gd oppa saranghhae
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Don't worry we all have a "Problem" when come to our ultimate Bae 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅
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Jiyong is my life problem , solutions and everything under the sun
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Hehe I have the opposite problem with TOP. GD keeps trying to take his #1 place 馃槩
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GD has this effect on fangirls the world over.
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