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Hello everyone!! Long time no see!!Anyways I was tagged to this screenshot game by @KhrystinaLee ( thank you so much btw ) and these are my results :3 If you want to play this game for yourself, here's the link to the original card: anyways, let's get started!!!
Captures Your Heart: Jungkook! Of course he captured my hearteau, he is the golden maknae after all
Steals You Away: V! I would be tempted to ask where I'd be taken to, but I mean it is tae we're talking about, so if I were honest about it, I could care less where he would take me
Calls You Every Night Before You Fall Asleep: Jimin! Well I definitely would not mind a nightly call from Jimin everyday, but I am absolutely positive that I would fall sleep really late due to the fact that if Jimin ever did call me, I would spend a good 20 mins fangirling over the phone...
Carries You Home When You're Drunk: Rapmonster! I also wouldn't mind this...but poor rapmon would have to carry my (probably unconscious) body home, and if I were in his position, I would definitely pass at carrying me home , knowing I would be a mess
Steals A Kiss From You Unexpectedly: V! *hides after from shock and embarrassment*
Really Just Wants To Get Your Attention: Jin! *feeling extremely flattered* but of course it's only because I'm almost as pretty as him...
Your Valentine This Year: Suga! *we both sleep in on valentine's day*... whoops... Hope everyone is having a great day
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