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"One ticket to Farhampton, please." It's not often that five words can change the course of an entire show, but that's exactly what they did at the end of How I Met Your Mother's season finale, when TV's most infamous mother was finally revealed! Yes, viewers finally got their first glimpse of Ted's (Josh Radnor) future wife (with yellow umbrella in tow!), and she was played by (drum roll please)...Cristin Milioti, a Tony-nominated Broadway actress! CBS reveals that Miloti's big reveal was actually on March 27 on the Twentieth Century Fox lot in Los Angeles, where the series went to great lengths to keep her casting a secret. (Well done!) In a statement, cocreator and and executive producer Carter Bays weighs in on the difficult casting search for the mother and what fans can expect to see from her in the finale season. "It was a pretty big umbrella to fill, casting the title role in a series that's been on the air for eight years," Bays admits of the search for "the one" for Ted. "And yet Cristin Milioti is, against all odds, exactly what we were looking for. She made us laugh on 30 Rock, she made us swoon in Once, and her ukulele skills are no joke. We're thrilled to welcome her to the How I Met Your Mother family, and look forward to getting to know her—and the character she plays—much better in the coming final season." cr:E!
@shoenami no.......i was expecting like this huge twist that would blow everyone's mind but again....the show has been going on for like 8 seasons it was time to show the mom already LOL
@kristenadams does she meet your expectations? :D
finally!! it was time to reveal the mom!!!