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So I have seen this rumor about Lee Minho's two-timing floating around for a few days and I have refused to believe it ever since. Especially because the information seems contradicting. I just wanna share it with you guys and see your thoughts on this. I don't want to be the only person not believing in this (everyone in school keeps telling me I'm wrong and he's a bad person and I'm just so upset...) The rumor is that top star A is in a slump these days. Up until a while ago, he's been double dating top stars B and C, even going on vacation to Japan with B, but it seems that both relationships have come to an end. C had actually been overheard revealing to her associates that "A is just a sexual partner, the relationship is not problematic for me." To make matters worse, A was canceled out of a drama that he was originally cast in with a fellow labelmate. One industry insider said, "A lot of people think it's unfortunate the situation A is in but unlike the clean image he's known for, he's actually quite different on the inside." The guesses are: A. Lee Min Ho B. Park Bo Young c. Shin Se Kyung What totally doesn't make sense for me it's that the article said he was canceled out of a drama but isn't he in Heirs now? This can't be true. Right? UGH.
our love for minho is lets nt degrade our oppa...minoz fighting...
we all minoz loved him n fell for him coz of his acting skills n ofcourse for his lets nt discuss such persona matters of him.when v dont even know its true to 1% those who r spreading these rumours plz shut ur mouths..
Its ridiculus. Rite now he seem busy to release his album. Also he busy for asia tour. Its imposible to him had a gossip that can kill his career.. So i dont believe all of rumors that.bcoz i belive lee min ho has a good dicipline
I don't believe it unless its from the source's mouth. LMH. ♥
Still A man ❤'s a woman.. Not sure which in this 2 ladies currently rumored to Lee Min Ho's really love or liked.. The Park Bo Young i think because they work togeher and become more closer till now.. And PBY said she really liked Minho ssi.. And the other hand.. The current leading lady in when mans love a woman SSK i think she really realy liked Lee Min Ho thats why she said about all this things sex issues.. But she shouldn't say anything about to personal About S_x .. Not good in her image too .. Thats Showbiz life goes... Mmm If i were you Lee Min Ho enjoy your life to what you have right now.. A lot of womans to choose not only in Korea.. 👍...✌(◕‿-)✌
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