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This is really a list for me. I have alot of favorites. They're all very talented, so its really har to choose. Here's my Top 5.
1. Sebastian stan. For those of you who know me, it will come as no surprise that the actor that plays my Husbandu Bucky is my number 1. For those who don't, I'll explain. Its not just because of him playing bucky that I love him. I have loved Sebastian stan since he played Chace Collins in the covenant, and I will probably continue to love him until the day he dies. Which, at that point, my kids will be confused as I marathon All the old Captain america movies and cry, well, more than usual when it comes to Bucky.
2. Chris Evans Once again, for those who know me, this will come as no surpise that I choose Chris as my number 2. Chris gives me ALL THE Steve Rogers feels when I watch him. He is so goodbin the role, but truthfully, I've loved him since he was just a kid playing a surfer dude on that game where you call your imaginary boyfriend. I feel like if was an updated mystery date? I can't remember, but anyway, I adore him...
3. Robert Downey Jr Now, this one might surprise you, but, I absolutely love RDJ. He is so funny and cool and an amazing actor. He was absolutely made to olay Iron man, and honestly sometimes I wonder if he secretly is Iron man.
4. Chris Hemsworth He is a precious cinnamon roll as Thor. That is all.
5. Tie between Hayley Atwell and Scarlett Johansson This is an obvious choice. I wanted to have at least one actress on this list, and these two ladies are the best in the marvel universe. You go girls!
Honorable mension! 1. Jeremy Renner 2. Mark Ruffalo 3. Tom Hiddleston These guys didn't make my top 5, but they are definately in my top 10. they're all so talented, Its really very hard to choose!! @shannonI5, Tag everyone for me? Thanksies!!
@kuzuri96 Yes, yes they do.
Marvel picks some marvelous actors....hahaha punny.
Ooooh yes Hayley Atwell is amazing! I adore her :D